Blum Orga Line Drawer Dividers Sample Plans PDF

The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system for TANDEMBOX has stainless steel containers and utensil dividers which provide clear visibility of all contents in metal drawers. ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOX organises the interiors of metal drawers and pull-outs. ORGA-LINE’s cross and longside dividers for high fronted pull-outs can be adjusted to all contents to ensure they are held firmly and do not tip. Blum ORGA-LINE Drawer Insert Cutlery Set. Cabinet Width: 1000mm. Nominal Length: 450mm Customer Special Order ZSI.10VEI4 view info.

blum orga line drawer dividers 2Orgaline provides impressive organisation in any drawer: Because containers, longside dividers and cross dividers can be arranged in various formats. Blum ORGA-LINE Drawer Dividing System ZSI.450BI3N Cutlery Tray. 39.99. BLUM LEGRABOX Space Tower. BLUM Orga-Line for Tandembox Drawers. Orga-Line Dividers & Inserts for Antaro with Rectangular Gallery Rail.

BLUM INTIVO DRAWER ACCESSORIES, ORGALINE CROSS DIVIDER, LONGSIDE DIVIDER, DIVIDING WALL, ORGALINE ADAPTER, ORGALINE CROSS DIVIDER SET, stainless steel drawer tray, drawer inserts, ORGA-LINE. BLUM Orgaline Divider ConnectorFrom 1.20. Z40L1077A BLUM Orgaline Cross Divider ProfileFrom 10.73. Blum Orga-Line. Orga-Line Utensil Divider Set for 500mm Runner Length.


blum orga line drawer dividers 3The Peter Hay ORGA-LINE cutlery system is the perfect complement to the Peter Hay INTIVO drawer. The inserts are available to suit all widths of the Peter Hay drawer cabinet range. The secret: The Blum ORGA-LINE dispenser rod. Buy Blum BZ40H1077A GR Tandembox Deep Drawer Cross Divider Orgaline Components at Blum Orga-Line aluminum divider set and components for deep drawers. Cross dividers can be cut to size. Minimum drawer height 5-1/4. Customized storage. ORGA-LINE cross divider set for TANDEMBOX plus high fronted pull-out NL 450-480 mm CW 400 mm R9006 white aluminium dust grey ZFI 40BVS6 This item is. We carry brands such as: Amerock, Blum, CMT, 3M, Hickory, FastCap, Mirka, KV, Bosch, Senco.

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