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A box girder is formed when two web plates are joined by a common flange at both the top and the bottom. The closed cell which is formed has a much greater torsional stiffness and strength than an open section and it is this feature which is the usual reason for choosing a box girder configuration. Define box girder. box girder synonyms, box girder pronunciation, box girder translation, English dictionary definition of box girder. n a. a girder that is hollow and square or rectangular in shape b. Box girder definition, box beam. British Dictionary definitions for box girder Expand.

box girder 2SEGMENTS, FALL 2006, VOL. 48. T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) has announced the completion of the longest box girder span in the world, the 330m-span Shibanpo Bridge in Chongqing, China (Figs. For longer spans, steel beams are made in the form of plate girders. A plate girder is an I beam consisting of separate top and bottom flanges welded or bolted to a vertical web. The aim of this study is to analyse the concrete continuous box girder bridges by considering segmentally construction stages through balanced cantilever method.

Box girder bridges are made of prefabricated steel that constructed in the form of a hollow box. These bridges are generally used in the construction of flyovers and elevated rail roads.

Where Are Box Girder Bridges Used?

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Where Are Box Girder Bridges Used?