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I use it as hedging and topiary in all I have thousands of plants. Box cuttings are among the easiest of all to take and can save you a small fortune if you’re trying to establish hedging. It may be worth noting that although box hedging and topiary can be pruned towards the end of May, pruning at this time may leave the new flush of soft growth vulnerable to weather damage such as leaf scorch, the result of late frosts, drying winds or unseasonably hot sun and, additionally, diseases such as box blight. Cuttings will root in the open ground if the soil is moist and there is some shade. Take your own box hedge cuttings – they are easy to do and easy to take. But the best thing about doing it yourself is that you can produce an awful lot of plant material for almost next to nothing! However, when it come to taking box cutting, it is all about timing.

box hedge cuttings 2If you are keen to create a section of box hedging, or even push the boundaries and design an ornamental knot garden then one thing’s for certain – you are going to need a substantial amount of box plants. Cuttings are one of the easiest ways to grow new plants; the trick to it is understanding what the plant s growth habit is like and where it likes to grow. Propagating just means taking cuttings and growing new plants from them. Mine is Japanese buxus and it’s an excellent hedging plant.

Find out how to propagate and grow your own box to avoid the distressing fungal disease box blight. I first noticed bare box hedges over twenty years ago in several large gardens I visited. Hint: When taking cuttings of a plant such as box that you may be planning to use as a hedge, take lots of cuttings to allow for spare plants to replace any that may die in the hedge. Find more videos like this on Landscape Juice Network Do you want to save yourself a very small fortune and grow your own Box hedging?

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If this is your first attempt at growing cuttings Buxus (Box) is a great plant to start with, as they nearly always root and they can make great little hedges for your kitchen garden!. If this is your first attempt at growing cuttings Buxus (Box) is a great plant to start with, as they nearly always root and they can make great little hedges for your kitchen garden! Place the pot of cuttings in a foam box or just stand it out of direct light. To grow a hedge on the cheap buy a couple of plants then grow the rest from cutting. Consider cuttings from hedging plants such as box, cherry laurel, escallonia, holly, Lonicera nitida, Portuguese laurel, privet or evergreen conifers, and also from herbs including bay, hyssop, lavender, rosemary, rue, sage and thyme. Information on propagating Box Hedging cuttings – Buxus Sempervirens. Semi-succulent plants like geraniums (Pelargoniums) or New Guinea impatiens are easiest for beginners, but many common shrubs such as abelia, gardenia, buxus, camellias, azaleas, fuchsias and grevilleas have a relatively high success rate. The trick when growing plants from cuttings lies in keeping the cut pieces alive while they develop their own new roots. Professional nurserymen do this by growing cuttings in glasshouses where they’re regularly misted with fine sprays of water. Growing your own plants from a cutting is one of the most satisfying things you can do when gardening. Box, camellias, azaleas and many other shrubs can be grown from semi-hardwood cuttings.

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Read this article to find out how to get plenty of new shrubs for free by starting boxwood cuttings. Click here to learn more about boxwood propagation. Box hedging plant spacing, selecting bare root vs. pot grown plants. So it is a good idea to thin out some of the growing shoots every few years, by cutting out some of the main stems about 6-12 inches below the clipped surface of the hedge. I have just planted out twelve box plants that I propagated from prunings from an existing box hedge a couple of summers ago and this is how to do it: Remove sprigs from mature box plants, making sure. The feathery feel of yew clippings spilling on to my forearms as I cut. Keeping your box hedging in trim, plus cloning through cuttings:.

Buxus sempervirens How to grow your own box hedge by taking cuttings or using clippings from pruning. To maintain trimmed forms and hedges you need to prune them twice a year. The first time should be done around late May or mid-June, after the first growth spurt. By cutting them you damage part of the leaves and these will turn brown. I have propagated thousands of new shrubs from softwood cuttings. That may sound like a lot, but since I’m a propagator at a nursery, it’s all in a day’s work. If you have space, stockpile the clippings and allow them to rot before being added to your main compost. Large Clippings (4cm + in diameter) Either create a wildlife friendly log pile or hire a more powerful professional’ shredder capable of handling thicker branches if there is sufficient quantity to justify the expense.