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A Little Post About Making Box Pleated Skirts. Threads Magazine: basic pattern grading A slash-and-spread method for re-sizing vintage patterns. Last week as I was preparing to sew up this pleated skirt in a summery chevron print for my friend, I thought I’d take advantage of the chance to take some photos and share the way I make a perfect box-pleated skirt. Last week as I was preparing to sew up this pleated skirt in a summery chevron print for my friend, I thought I’d take advantage of the chance to take some photos and share the way I make a perfect box-pleated skirt. Use that as a pattern to cut another 2 pieces. An inverted box pleat is formed by two equal folds of fabric folded toward one another so they meet at the center of the pleat on the front of the fabric. You’ve probably owned a pleated garment or two over the years, most likely a skirt. However, if you’re using a commercial pattern, the pleating has already been figured into the pattern drafting, so you can cut the pieces out then create your pleats.

box pleat skirt calculator 2It shows you how to draft a pattern for a box pleated A-line skirt, using the method I learnt in my pattern drafting for fashion design class. I hope it helps someone! I’ve been looking for a silk satin B&W fabric to do exactly this pattern. Knife pleats are perfect for making A-line skirts, or a detail on a shirt.

Learn how to make a Box Pleat skirt with nice even pleats that are custom fit to you! This and other skirt DIYs are found in my A-Line skirt series. Floral Midi Skirt, we are going to use this basic A-Line pattern below, with a few minor adjustments to work with box pleats. I really want to make a box pleated skirt, but I don’t know how to determine how much fabric I would need. If you’re not using a pattern that indicates the yardage needed, you’ll have to calculate how much additional fabric you’ll need. Another day, another skirt.. Seriously, we can’t get enough! Today girls, we will mostly be showing you how to make a knife pleated skirt (did anyone get the F.

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box pleat skirt calculator 3It is a pieced box pleated skirt, with tuck details on the waistband. Once you have both your high and low waist measurements we can plug them into our little mathematical formula to determine the sizes of our pattern pieces. Sew a skirt with one inch box pleats, without needing a pattern. Get your fabric, measurements and some basic sewing supplies together, and you’re ready to go!. I’m so in love with the box pleat skirt trending right now. It’s really simple to make. Check out the tutorial here. Kate asked for a little pleated skirt from a pink piece of fabric that I have. Or some plain fabric and maybe some double or triple box pleats? It’s isn’t necessary to use a pattern to make a pleated skirt, since all its pieces are perfect rectangles. That way, if you are planning just a single box pleat on a different pattern you’ll know how much width to add to your skirt piece. Sarvi emailed me with this exact mathematics question recently and it’s so much easier to explain with the help of some pictures!.

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McCall’s 6064 Pattern for Girls’ Blazer Jack, Slim Skirt, Box Pleat Skirt, Size 10, From 1961, Dressmaker Tested Pattern, Classic Pattern. 1930s 30s Vintage Sewing Pattern day dress sash belt box pleat skirt kimono sleeves bust 40 b40 repro. This type of pleated skirt is often associated with cheer leaders, but is a nice design for many other things too. For this you. Learn how to sew box pleats and inverted pleats to create texture or manage fullness on a garment with this free photo tutorial on Craftsy. You might sew a single box pleat on the back of a shirt, or sew a series of box pleats on a skirt. Or, incorporate pleats into a very cute accessory with this FREE Ruffle Clutch Bag pattern. A-Line Skirt Tutorial to make an Inverted Box Pleated Skirt as they did. In the original Tutorial this is simply drawn on to the fabric after taking a couple basic measurements (a la Chinelo!) however, for the Pleated Skirt you will need to make it up on Pattern Paper. Once you have your Pattern, divide the waist line and hem in to three, and draw a dotted line between the markings as illustrated.

A pleat (older plait) is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. A vertically hanging piece of fabric such as a skirt or a drape will often be described in terms of its fullness. Box pleats are knife pleats back-to-back, and have a tendency to spring out from the waistline. Pattern Manufacturers. I LOVE box pleated skirts and immediately asked whet pattern she used! So off I went to find what other tutorials were out there that explained a little more in depth on how to make this skirt for all different sizes and I found this youtube video Pleated Skirt Tutorial by Sara which has a more in depth explanation and some math to help make a pattern for more than one size but this can be a little tricky too using the math given in the video.