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Our reader panel tasted twenty of the best boxed wines available and recommends their top choices. Twenty wines were submitted, ten white and ten red, a ranked list of which is at the bottom of this article. With one exception, US-made box wines are sweeter and fruitier than box wines imported from Europe. We invite you to read about Black Box Wines Red Elegance, a red wine blend with a rich palate of juicy red fruit, berries and chocolate. Enjoy with food pairings like grilled meats and chocolate.

box red wine 2Here are the best six wines you can find in a box. Bandit pinot grigio has won multiple awards, but they also make merlot, chardonnay, cabernet and a red wine blend. We give you permission to reach for the box at your next party with four of our favorite wine picks. Try our 4 affordable red and white wine picks at your next holiday party. B ox wines (a.k.a. boxed wines) have become popular in recent years because they hold more wine than a single bottle, they're light and recyclable, they're easy to open and reseal, they chill quickly, and they won't break if you drop them.

So while box wine might have once been relegated to drinkers looking for a cheap buzz and not high-quality wine, there are plenty of premium options that are easy on your wallet and keep an imbibing crowd happy. Sold in 1-liter and 500-mL sizes, the California wines include pinot grigio, chardonnay, merlot, cabernet, and a red wine blend. It can in fact stay fresh for up to 8 weeks and even longer if the box is kept in the refrigerator. In comparison, an opened bottle of red wine can usually stay fresh for up to 5 days. 2 Sommeliers Taste All of Franzia’s Classy Boxed Wines. On the nose you get red currant, raspberry, and tobacco. It’s jammy with some earthiness and reminds me of Jolly Ranchers.

6 Best Boxed Wines: Welcome To The Boxed Wine Revolution

Our Red Wine Gift Boxes include a bottle of your favorite red wine, plus everything you need to create the perfect pairing plate! Order today. We tried 9 different wines from Bota Box wines to see which were the best, and which just wouldn’t work to convince anyone of the merits of skipping the bottle. Best Red Wine from Bota Box: Old Vine Zinfandel. Fruity and semi-sweet, this is an excellent sipping wine. Dry. Growers Red Box. Buy Namaqua, South African, Boxed Red Wine online from Waitrose today. Free delivery – T&Cs apply. If you have a box of light, fruity, or even sweet red wine, this recipe is the one for you. Basing a cocktail on this style of wine assures a vibrant, deeply hued sangria-like flavor profile. Looking for the perfect bottle of red wine? Browse through offers and deals on our collection of wines from around the world.

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