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Dare to think outside of the bottle with one of these affordable, tasty, and environmentally friendly wines. Lose the bottle! Crafted from acclaimed regions, Black Box Wines are food-friendly and fruit-forward, all without the expense of bottle wines, offering you quality and value inside every box. Call them juice boxes for adult palates: Boxed wines are back, and unlike those that debuted in the ’70s (which were produced to help make cheap wine even cheaper), these new vintages are as good as many of those with corks.

box wine brands 2It’s true that they are cheaper than their bottled counterparts, but the long-held notion that box wine tastes bad is purely myth. Though the packaging isn’t as elegant as the pretty wine labels wrapped around slender green glass (or even portable wine cans), bags and boxes are actually an ideal set-up for wine because it seals out light and air, keeping it fresher for longer even after it’s been opened. Our reader panel tasted twenty of the best boxed wines available and recommends their top choices. We wanted to know: what box, simply based on the look, would you want to bring to a party and have in your fridge? Millennials shop heavily based on appearance, so we were curious which brands seemed to stand out. Whether hiking, boating or hosting a super-sized summer soire, these 26 boxed wines are both portable and pour-worthy.

Black Box Wines were created on the belief that aficionados of fine wine are more concerned with the quality of the wine than the cosmetics of the bottle. If a large company that owns multiple vineyards and bottled-wine brands decides to add a boxed-wine brand to their repertoire, it has to be good. Boxed wines get a bad rap. Forget the Franzia stigma and open your mind to the economic and ecological benefits of the BIB (bag in box).

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box wine prices 3Unlike foot binding and French mime, wine in a box has finally found a US audience. I reviewed more than two dozen box wines (see my recommendations below) and it would have been easy to pick out the American brands in a blind tasting. With one exception, US-made box wines are sweeter and fruitier than box wines imported from Europe. Ditch the bottle for a box with one of GAYOT’s Top 10 Boxed Wines. 75 different box wines tasted to bring you the very best! You need, no, you demand a wine that is as deep, rich, complex and surprisingly affordable as you are. Cigar Box wines are truly deserving of your company. LIQUID BRANDS INC. We conducted a blind tasting of 16 of the best available boxed wine (8 white, 8 red). To find out, we called on two sommeliers, Jamie Smith of Veritas Wine Bar, and Cesar Varela of Tel’Veh Wine Bar, to see if this boxed-wine brand could produce anything worth sipping.

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016 Bota Box Vineyards, Manteca, California 95336. We work hard to make sure Bota offers the perfect wine for any occasion, and we’re proud to offer award-winning, vintage-dated varietals. Shop this top rated wine store for the best deals on Box Wine shipped to your door! Box wine gets a bad rap, but is it deserved? We explore why wine from a box is experiencing a renaissance, and if you should believe the hype. Constellation Brands is the mastermind behind Black Box wines. According to Paste Magazine, the boxed wines have won numerous awards, including 48 Gold Medals and 27 Best Buys from Wine Enthusiast.

We all love wine. And we all have a crazy aunt who loves boxed wine. Are there any boxed wine brands that we can bring to the party that offers a satisfying taste without making us feel like we re swallowing our pride?. There are a wide variety of boxed wine brands on the market, and a few of them have come up on the top boxed wine lists from wine experts across the U.S. Box Wine Brands Price Comparison, Price Trends for Box Wine Brands as Your Reference. Buy Box Wine Brands at Low Prices on now.