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Unlike bottles, our boxed wine packaging keeps our wines fresh for at least four weeks and requires less energy to produce. We’re big fans of boxed wine here at SE; there are plenty of reasons to always have a 3-liter box in your fridge, especially now that there are many more delicious options available in the bag-in-box format. ) and the serving size is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to tackle a whole bottle in one night. See an accurate picture wine bottle sizes for still wines and learn the proper terms for the most common wine bottle sizes.

box wine size 2Market Size. Franzia and other boxed wines make up a huge and relatively untouched market segment. In 2007 Franzia sold 58 million gallons of boxed wine. Boxed wine has a bad rap largely because once upon a time notoriously bad wine was often sold that way. Airline Carrier/Shipper Works like a wine shipper with handles! Bottle Volume. Standard 750ml. Standard 750ml. Qty. of Bottles. 6 pack. 4 pack. Color. Kraft.

Here are some common wine bottle and box size with the number of wine glasses in them:. The price range of boxed wine can vary, depending on the size of the package and the quality of the wine. The best values in boxed wine aremidrangein price. Bandit wines are quality wines in eco-friendly Tetra Pak cartons, which provide more value, wine, convenience, and fun than a standard wine bottle. So before you judge a box by its cover, unscrew the top, pour yourself a glass of one of our award-winning varietals, and take a sip. Available in both 1 Liter and 500mL sizes, Bandit can go anywhere!

Are There Benefits To Boxed Wine?

box wine size 3These boxes, largely in five-liter sizes, the equivalent of 6.67 bottles, which might sell for as little as 12, did especially well just after the economic meltdown, said Danny Brager of the Nielsen Company, which tracks sales. The perception that boxed wine is poor quality might be changing. Another advantage for the environmentally minded is that the carbon footprint is about half the size of the same wine in bottles, due to the lower energy cost to produce and ship the package. Simply Australian Chardonnay Bag In Box 2.25L. 11.75(3.92/75cl). Add to basket. We aim to provide you with the best quality bag-in-a-box for the price possible. Made with pride right here in Canada. We’re thinking (and drinking) outside of the Franzia box here. I’ve been told a box of wine is equivalent to five bottles. Now, I finally got a chance to test this so see if it is truth or myth. I scoured my recycling basket and washed out some empty bottles with corks or screw lids.

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