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So I am wondering if there is a bulk (aka cheaper) method to buy wine than buying straight from the store shelf?. You definitely don’t want to serve boxed wine at your wedding. WELCOME to Cheap Buzz, where we eavesdrop as sommelier Marnie Old attempts to teach the joys of wine and fine spirits to Buzz, a guy with no sophistication and not much money. 75 different box wines tasted to bring you the very best! Cost! Not only do you generally save purely because you are buying in bulk, but bag in box packaging costs a fraction of traditional glass bottlings for the same amount of wine.

boxed wine in bulk 2Our reader panel tasted twenty of the best boxed wines available and recommends their top choices. While they loved the wine after tasting it, they actually said the bulk would be a turn-off initially and might prevent them from grabbing it in the store. Village Winery: A wine farm – buy here in bulk and skip the store – See 10 traveler reviews, 6 candid photos, and great deals for Waterford, VA, at TripAdvisor. At first I was skeptical about boxed wine, but its really a great concept. Delicious wine crafted to the highest international standards. As good as they do it in Italy. Crafted, cellared and blended with pride right here in Canada.

The box I’m talking about is big really big as in 20 foot ocean shipping containers holding maybe 25,000 liters of bulk wine in a flexitank bag. Buying in bulk will help save on any additional shipping costs. This red wine has a blend red and a composition of 46 Merlot, 37 Cabernet Sauvignon, 12 Petit Verdot, and 5 Malbec which makes for a well-rounded red wine. What box wines lack in quality they make up for in quantity and price. It is also a much cheaper package for wineries to produce to boxed wine and those savings are passed along to consumers who don’t mind buying their wine in bulk.

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boxed wine in bulk 3Bag-in-box wine packaging has much to recommend it, but in Ontario, an absurd government policy restricts offerings to a small range of low-end domestics. We’re talking jug-quality wine typically made with 70-per-cent imported bulk juice blended with 30-per-cent Ontario content. WINE BOX. When we talk about Wine Box are talking about revolution, this small, simple but brilliant idea is revolutionizing the way of drinking wine in bulk. Some box wines are just as good as bottled wines, and in some cases, the same wine goes into multiple types of packaging. I think what you may be referring to is bulk wine, which is actually a pretty big part of the wine business. Box wine has a terrible reputation for being too cheap and low quality. If you’re able to plan in advance, taking advantage of their 5 cent wine sales is an amazing way to purchase wine in bulk at a deep discount. Shop Sam’s Club for big savings on Beer, Wine & Spirits. In the US, we’re still a little shy. Low-end bulk wines still dominate the box market the pink stuff your grandpa used to foist on you at parties.

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After suffering from a poor reputation for several decades, bulk wine is back with a vengeance in Barcelona. They have three main markets to choose from: retail boxed wine; wine on tap at bars and restaurants, usually sold as the house wine; and retail bulk wine, which customers take home in refillable containers (glass and plastic are both common). Days shy of 45 years after he patented the idea of wine in a box, Australian winemaker Thomas Angove has died at the age of 92. Angove was also the first winemaker in Australia to use stainless steel for the storage of wine in bulk, in addition to introducing new varieties of wine grapes to his home continent. They have started selling 3 litre boxed wines at US retail outlets. If the wine were bulk-shipped to the East Coast and packaged there, the emissions would be even lower. Boxed wine has come a long way over the past 20 years. Additionally all Octavin wines are shipped in bulk to a central state-of-the-art packaging facility in California, ensuring that all the wines are checked and vetted before being packaged according to the same top quality standards.

Most of the early entries were in fact wines of lesser quality, bulk wine so to speak, and the reputation for less than top shelf quality became entrenched during the last three decades. This is where box wine really shines. Box wine’s packaging-to-wine weight ratio is vastly superior to bottles. Box wine is more eco-friendly than bottles as well, and since you are enjoying the great outdoors, it is your karmic duty to do the right thing.