Brass Jewelry Box Latches Sample Plans PDF

1Pcs Antique Brass Jewelry Box Hasp Latch Lock 51x43mm with Screws (HASP024). Antique Brass Hasp Latch Jewellery Box Latch Gift Boxes Latches Chest Hardware Wooden Boxes Making Buckle Clasp 29x33mm FH001. Above is a selection of some of our small box latches – many available in brass, or nickel finishes. From small plain latches for a simple box to larger, decorative latches for a treasure box we have the latch for you. A charming, economical latch for your jewelry boxes and cases. Neatly rolled at the latch tip so it’s easy to fit your fingertip underneath to. Brass Decorative Jewelry Box Latches, Pair Item: 43819. In Stock. 2.99.

brass jewelry box latches 2Beautiful brass trunk and jewelry box parts from D. Lawless Hardware. Free shipping over 50. Light Duty Swing Latch 1 x 1-3/8 DL-B32880-AB. Our Price: 0.38. Vintage Cabin Cabinet Door Latch Hook Solid Brass Hasp Lock Gate. 2pcs 33mmx29mm Antique Brass Color Jewelry Cigar Box Hasp Hook Lock Latch. Reversible support is made of attractive brass plated steel. 10pcs 25mmX20mm vintage jewelry boxes latch gift box latches small box hardware.

LT-30: Gold, Nickel, Black Nickel, Antique Brass Latch With Screws. Stanley Solid Brass Miniature Hook and Staples Latch Hinge w/fasteners. Decorative Box Latch/Catch Brass 1 x 5/8 Brass Or Nickel. 0.61. Compare.

Trunk And Jewelry Box Parts

brass jewelry box latches 3Catches, Latches and Locks from Lee Valley Tools (Cast Clasps, Ball Clasps, Filigree Clasps, Draw Latch, Locking Latch, Round Draw Latches, Stainless-Steel Draw Latch, Case Latch, Case Latches, Square Latches, Small Box Latches, Box Snap Closures, Draw Catches, Lid/Door Snap Closure, Button Lock, Cigar Box Lock, Small Box Lock, Small Box Locks, Micro Cam Locks, Brusso Jewellery Box Hardware, Jewellery-Box Lock, Small Box Lock). Brusso Jewellery Box Hardware, Jewellery-Box Lock, Small Box Lock). The latch is flush-mortised and glued in place on the box’s (or case’s) front side and lid. The spring action of the solid brass or stainless latch is. Catches, Latches & Stays – Box Making Brassware Catches, Latches & Stays. Antique Brass Look Jewellery Box Clasp (1 Pack). 3.95. 4 ANTIQUE BRASS JEWELLERY BOX LATCH CATCH TRINKET CLOSURE REPLACEMENT 20mm H061. Home Decorative Hardware Jewelry Case Box Latch Catch Buckle 20 Pcs. 2.81. UMX Wood Jewelry Box, Cigar Box Purse, Wooden Box Hinge, Latch, Clamp Hardware Accessories – Pricing.

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