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During the final scene of Box Cutter, when Walter walks back to his condominium, the Alex Ebert song Truth plays in the background. The T-shirts displaying Kenny Rodgers could also be a reference to his most well-known song, ‘The Gambler’, which would be associated with Walt’s gambling story. This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Breaking Bad, in the episode Box Cutter, first aired July 17 2011. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.

breaking bad box cutter song 2Listen to the complete list of full-length songs from Breaking Bad; complete with scene descriptions. Listen to the complete list of full-length songs from Breaking Bad; complete with scene descriptions. Breaking Bad; Season 4. Episodes. Episode 1 – Box Cutter. With the Breaking Bad final season kicking off, we went back and compiled the 10 best music moments of the show. We listed the scene and episode each song was featured in should you want to go back and relive them for yourself, but in consideration to those cramming for the season premiere this Sunday, we tried to keep things spoiler free. Heard In: Season 4, Ep. 1, Box cutter.

4 Songs. Tee-Double Bringing It Back playing in Jnr’s room Box Cutter. Breaking Bad’s spectacular third season ended with Walt in the clutches of drug kingpin Gus’s lackeys and Jesse pointing a gun at the face of that Birkenstock-wearing, tea-swilling chemistry nerd. Box Cutter scene. Three favorite songs from various seasons:.

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Alex Gianopoulos (Location Scout, Breaking Bad). Song from the end of Box Cutter S4EP01 – Lyrics relate so well to the series as whole. Negro y Azul (aka The Battle of Heisenberg)is a Mexican drug lord folk song about Walt. You know what was so brilliant about Breaking Bad aside from the plot, the impeccable acting of Pinkman and the brain, the attention to detail, and everything? The music! The wolf of Albuquerque we love wouldn t have been the same if it weren t for Thomas Golubi (music supervisor) and Vince Gilligan s genius selection of tracks. Season 4, Episode 1, Box Cutter. Metal Sucks Veil of Maya Spoof Breaking Bad in New Song Clip (with. Giancarlo Esposito would shank all you fucks with a box cutter.

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