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Box Cutter. Walt and Jesse face the deadly consequences of their actions. A Look At Season 4: Inside Breaking Bad. Box Cutter is the first episode of the fourth season of Breaking Bad and the thirty-fourth episode altogether. Gus reconsiders; it seems Gale has just talked Gus into hiring Walter White. After Marie leaves, Skyler moves Walt’s car to a nearby street so Walter, Jr. won’t ask questions when he wakes up. Watch Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 1: Box Cutter online. SideReel features links to all your favorite TV shows.

breaking bad box cutter watch 2Breaking Bad has developed a bit of a tradition of wild, inexplicably weird opening images for its three seasons. Find links to watch Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 1: Box Cutter. Sign up free for show tracking and more! Watch Breaking Bad – Season 4, Episode 1 – Box Cutter: Walt is held at the lab by Mike while Victor attends to Jesse who is still at Gale’s apartment.

Watch Breaking Bad: Box Cutter from Season 4 at The fourth season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad premiered on July 17, 2011 and concluded on October 9, 2011. Watch Breaking Bad Box Cutter online. They are capable of almost anything, and there is almost nothing we won’t watch them do.

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