Brushed Aluminum Vinyl Tape Sample Plans PDF

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Brushed Aluminum / Stainless Look Vinyl Tape, Choose Your Color and Size, Brush in Crafts, Other Crafts eBay. Roll of vinyl tape, adhesive coated on the backside. Sticks to most clean and smooth surfaces. This is plastic tape, made to look like a brushed aluminum or stainless steel finish. The Vvivid Brushed Aluminum vinyl is easy to install, stretchable with high-tech glue with air release channels for a fast, bubble-free installation. Vvivid Brushed Aluminum vinyl film is comparable to 3M and Avery Brushed vehicle vinyl films in quality and ease of application at nearly half the price! Use it for your car wrap, truck wrap, bike wrap, boat or any other surface you want to wrap with vinyl!.

brushed aluminum vinyl tape 2BRUSHED METAL. BR120. Brushed Aluminum BR120. BR230. Brushed Titanium BR230. BR201. Brushed Steel BR201. BR212. Brushed Black Metallic BR212. Tapes & GrommetsHigh Tack Application TapeRTape High Tack Conform 4075RLA Application Tape. Brushed Steel BlueBR217. Brushed Aluminum BR120. Brushed Aluminum. Polymet Brilliant Metallized Polyester Film All styles are 3 mil thick with permanent adhesive. Chrome and brushed aluminum have a 2 year outdoor durability.

Brushed Aluminum vinyl adhesive sheet can be applied on any hard, smooth, flat surface such as windows, glass, plastic, metal, and painted wood. Brushed Aluminum / Stainless Look Vinyl Tape, Choose Your Color and Size, Brush in Crafts, Other Crafts, Other Crafts eBay. RTape is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of application tape and premasks for the sign, screen printing and digital printing marketplaces.


brushed aluminum vinyl tape 3I need to attach them to a silver brushed aluminum back panel. Another thought is reverse weed the letters out of brushed steel vinyl apply that to clear acrylic backer and use acrylic adhesive to glue the letters. You could use a few pieces of clear tape along with the Lexel, but again – you’ll likely see it. Find the best selection of vinyl tape here at

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