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Big cat trees are beautiful but really expensive. One day I saw this huge cat tree and the more I looked at it, the more I convinced myself that I could build one for. Seeing as today (August 8th) is International Cat Day, we figured that many cat owners might want to get their cat companions a gift to show them that they’re loved. Now, you could get them a mouse toy or a can of salmon pate, but the right piece of cat furniture can make for a meaningful and lasting pet gift. Making cat tree will save you money as well as giving you complete control over the cat tower’s appearance and function. You can make a cat tree yourself using a few readily available tools and materials.

build cat furniture 2Building your own cat tree can help save your furniture and provide your cat with some great vantage points.We share the basics to get you started. DIY cat trees, homemade towers, cat condos, and other play structures are easy to make, even if you don’t have a lot of building experience. Cat trees provide a great place for your cats to hang out, sleep and play. So we looked for alternatives to carpet and plans to build one on the internet. Well, there was not any plans that we could find that we liked so we decided to design our own.

If you haven’t noticed, the cat trees you available at your local pet store are expensive and, for the most part, not really attractive. Made with cheap carpet in boring colors and designs, they are not caught up with modern cat owners. DIY cat condos, trees and towers. Stylish DIY cat condos that are almost as cute as your kitty. Image: Lysandra Cook/Moment/Getty Images. This free plan collection (see my others at the bottom) herds all the free cat furniture plans I could find into nice neat categories. Build a cat tree today because if your cat doesn t use it you can lure him up by putting your plants on it! Enjoy.

How To Build A Cat Tree & Scratching Post

The attached photograph is of my resident cats and their cat tree. I had been asking my husband to build a cat tree for a few years and he never had the time. The cat tower is the most ghastly piece of furniture ever designed. This is an irrefutable fact. Unfortunately, cats love cat towers, especially as they combine their favorite pastimes of climbing up to a perch (to nap) and scratching their claws (after waking up from a nap). These examples show you how easy it is to integrate cat climbing elements into your home in a way that both you and your cat will appreciate. Illinois decided to go all out and build this custom kitty condo for their cat. DIY Cat Tree – This one may be a little ambitious for me but it’s so great I had to post it!. Customer Trees – Cat Tree Plans – How to Build Cat Furniture – Do-it Yourself – Make A Cat House – DIYS Cat Condo Plan. DIY Network profiles some new lines of cat furniture that are practical, stylish and can coordinate with your home decor. A cat tree is but one of many different cat furniture options you can build yourself. Why not craft a kitty condo or a simple scratching post for your favorite feline?

10 Cool Diy Cat Trees

Instead of a large cat tree in the house, install these cat shelves for a sleeker, space-saving approach.