Build Cheap Screen Door Sample Plans PDF

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I had some pallets lying around so I figured why not build a screen door! With the hot summer rapidly approaching here in Idaho I was looking for a cheap, easy way to get a better cross-breeze in our house. Make sure it’s long enough to fit the width of your door frame. A screen door made from wood is the most elegant choice for keeping out unwelcome guests. Millwork companies make the parts from your measurements, and have designs for every house style.

build cheap screen door 2So, we decided to make our own and we just love how it turned out. Our quest for a new screen door started when we began sprucing up the front entry to our house. How to make a custom size screen door for a patio or sunroom using 2×4 wood and hardware. Originally I had thought we would make the screen door be mostly screen, but Adam pointed out that it wouldn’t be sturdy enough, especially made out of cheesy 1 4’s.

This quick fix utilizing 35 screen doors and self adjusting spring hinges worked! Lumber & Building Products. Tague Lumber carries storm and screen doors from top manufacturers, doors that combine functionality with good looks, durability, and safety. Can I put a screen door on there to where it looks like it belongs and doesn’t look tacky?


You don’t need an architect’s plans to build a door, you just need a drill, or even less a screw driver.

Installing Screen Doors On French Doors. Easy And Cheap!funky Junk Interiors