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Difficulty: Medium. Before we get started you can watch this video I made with Brett McKay from the Art of Manliness, on how to build this plyometric box:. If you go to a gym, you likely have access to plyo boxes. What makes this style of box different than simply cutting pieces of wood and building a box is that the pieces interlock with each other creating a nice strong box that doesn’t require any interior bracing or framework.

build plyometric box 2A friend recently had me build some wooden boxes for his crossfit workouts. DIY Plyo Boxes: His & Hers – Build Your Dream Body:. How to Practice plyo box jumps (Death jumps) Learn how to use plyometric workouts like these death jumps in order to build a better stretch reflex in your leg muscles for playing football or soccer.

Plyometric boxes are ideal fitness tools when it comes to strengthening leg and back muscles and increasing overall endurance and agility. The boxes are commonly utilized at fitness centers, and they are. Build a Box There are numerous types of plyometric exercises out there. You can perform some of them on the ground, but to accentuate any plyo exercise, try using a plyometric box. Disclaimer: This is just one of many ways you can build a plyo box, it may not be the best or the the most sturdy but it will be sufficient. Plyo boxes are essential for CrossFit and I highly recommend having them in any garage gym.

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