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How to Build a Wood Duck House. The wood duck (Aix sponsa) is a colorful bird that usually nests in abandoned woodpecker holes, but will readily take to a nesting box of the correct dimensions, placed in the proper location. (Download PDF Instructions) Original design courtesy of The Wood Duck Society and Don Helmeke. Graphic design by Federal Premium Ammunition. Learn all about wood ducks and how you can help preserve their habitat by building a wood duck house.

build wood duck house 2We are proud to recognize hundreds of kids and Outdoor News readers who build wood duck houses. Each participant receives a special patch and recognition of their work via a personal photo with their house in Outdoor News. By downloading this nest box plan you will be subscribed to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and NestWatch enewsletters. Cedar works well for constructing Wood Duck nest boxes. Guidelines for construction and placement of wood duck nesting boxes. Bald cypress wood or three-quarter-inch exterior plywood probably are the best choices for nest box materials. Although less durable, nest boxes can also be made of pine, cedar, or spruce.

Provide a safe nesting area for wood ducks, split and full door models are offered for easy viewing and cleanup. Guaranteed to last for years, white cedar is superior for its natural resistance to weather and insects, these wood duck houses will withstand severe weather and requires no sealer. All material needed to build 3 boxes, less nails and glue. This simple, seven-step blueprint is all you need to make and hang a wood duck box in time for nesting season. History of the Project: The BPCA first sponsored a wood duck house building project in 1971 in coordination with Boy Scout Troop 21 and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Wood Duck Challenge

Few ducks are as beautiful in plumage and flight as the wood duck. Though sparsely encountered by hunters after the first cold snap, there’s another way to enjoy this particular bird by building wood duck boxes. How to Build a Wood Duck House via In the Vernon Marsh Wildlife area a group of volunteers has been building nesting boxes to help increase the wood duck population.

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