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Thought you might like to see my wood splitter conversion. I built the splitter from the ground up a few years ago with the intentions of making it into a processor someday. Firewood processor plans and do-it-yourself firewood equipment plans. Save time & money with our easy & affordable wood cutting machinery plans. YouTube is full of homemade firewood processors. Some look interesting. Several make you cringe. This one stuck me as being a little more thought out than most.

building a wood processor 2Firewood processors are powerful tools that are used to chop and split large amounts of wood in a safe and convenient fashion, and they are often utilized by industrial businesses and firewood companies. How to build a firewood processor. Firewood processors are essential tools for cutting and splitting large volumes of firewood efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, these machines are expensive, ranging from 6,500 for a basic model to as much as 32,500 for the larger units used by professional firewood companies. Here’s a playlist of 27 hand-picked homemade firewood processor videos, from our HomemadeTools YouTube channel. These are some of my favorite tools;.

Firewood Processor Plans save you 1000’s when building your own firewood processor, step by step instructions, must see, DIY Plans! Well look no further, you can download plans to build your own firewood processor. this site features a set of plans for a firewood processor with cut to length and splitting capabilities all hydraulicly powered by a small engineClick the thumbnails below to view the full drawing setFor info contact warznorth yahoo. Cord King of Canada has been building firewood processors since 1978. has cutters in a variety of sizes and accesories.

How To Build A Firewood Processor

Some pictures of my homemade firewood processor and homemade hydraulic chainsaw For more pictures and information on this firewood processor go to firewood processor Attached Files 20032010163. For more pictures and information on this firewood processor go to firewood processor Attached Files 20032010163. The Firewood Processors made by Bells Machining are the most rugged built, easy to use and most productive firewood processors on the market today. CWB Certified Red Seal welders build and assemble your machine. The model 1850 is a one man portable firewood mill designed for ease of operation, high production and low maintenance. CSI employees have had years of experience in building firewood processors and was the original builder of the CTR model 1800 firewood processor. When you choose Wood Beaver equipment you are making the right choice. Our firewood processors are manufactured with American Pride in Hartford – Wisconsin, USA. If i was building the saw again i wood prob try it a different way. like it works fine but i wood try getting a cheaper motor ( doesnt need to have all them RPM’s ) and gear it up with a belt and pully system or chain and sprocket, but a big pully on the hydraulic motor and a small pully on the chainsaw shaft and a belt between them. So I’m working on building a firewood processor from scratch. I need a hotrod chainsaw for dropping blocks. Anyone have one of those 250cc dirtbike motor powered chainsaws? Or know how to build them?.

Diy Firewood Processor

I bought a 144hp Deutz industrial diesel motor to mount on the trailer of my firewood processor yesterday. All I need now is the splitting cylinder and I am ready to start building.