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This loft bed has a built-in ladder that doubles as a bookcase. The directions are super detailed, and there are even Sketchup models of the bed that you can download. A loft bed is unobtrusively built over a doorway, also creating a smart narrow coat closet. A boldly colored ceiling helps complete the modern look. A loft bed that works with an entire system of plans to get your teen more space and storage in their room. But that’s what happens when it’s a DIY cake (cake made by my sister, Esther, we decorated it with DIY flowers between the ceremony and the reception).

built in loft bed 2This gave us an idea, sleep above the workspace with loft beds! You can build one in an afternoon if you stick with it and it can be made for under 100. None of them really fit our situation exactly, but we used some ideas from each of them. Here are some pictures of OP Loftbeds that our customers have built. (We realize that loft beds are usually used in cramped quarters, but give it a shot anyway!). They are very functional and fun. Loft beds are perfect for small bedrooms because they open a space for playing or studyi. 18 Adorable Ideas For Decorating Nursery For Baby Girl.

Because you attach it to the wall, this loft bed probably has a little more oomph than the one you might have built with your old roommate. A built-in safety rail adds an extra layer of protection for younger kids. DIY Network showcases clever ideas for incorporating storage and extra guest beds in a kid’s bedroom or vacation home bunkroom. Bunk beds don’t have to look like utilitarian army barracks. These amazing loft beds for kids will give your child extra space to play and study by freeing up the space under the bed. And they can be easily customized to fit kids’ interests Check out these 10 fun loft beds for kids that you can DIY!

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My mom saw it in person this last weekend, and thought it was built into the walls. Bed-and-desk combos are great for students or anyone else short on space. Today’s featured workspace is an impressive DIY project combining a spacious place to work and room to nap or turn in for the night. Bunk beds are a great option for small bedrooms as it saves on floor space. You need not worry when your kids want their friends to stay overnight if you have these installed.

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