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Most bunk beds are used with one side located against a wall and are sold with only one guardrail for the upper bunk to prevent falls from the side away from the wall. Guard rails need to be in place on each side on the top bunk. A thing you should also add is a new safety guideline which is unknown by many that a room that has a bunk bed should have a separate fire alarm as of the height of the top bunk and smoke rises smoke will be easier to consume the lungs in a house fire if that was to occur. The mandatory standard for bunk beds came into effect on 7

bunk bed side rail height 2The Bunk Beds (Entrapment Hazards) (Safety) Regulations 1987. A simple measurement can be made to find out the height of the upper sleeping surface (excluding mattress). If this is more than 800mm then measure any gaps in the headboard, footboard, side rails and ladder to check whether the gap is the right size. This bunk bed is taller than our standard height mission bed to provide additional headroom – please ensure that your ceiling height can safely accommodate this bed. Set includes (4) Side Rails (2) Head Boards (1) Foot Board (28) Wood Slats (4) Guard Rails on both sides for the top twin bunk and (1) End Ladder. Twin/Twin bunk bed with full length guard rails and ladders on each side. Twin/Twin Bunk Bed 349 (460072) Length 79.00, Width 43.00, Height 65.75.

Where in-situ bunks exceed this height, guardrails on all four sides of the top bunk should be an integral part of the bunks. In any event, upper bunks must have effective safety rails with the top of the upper rail a minimum of 200 mm above the upper surface of the mattress (Standard minimum 160 mm, preferred 250 mm). A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another. No box spring is required as the mattress lies on a flat surface, the bunkie (or bunky) board, and may be surrounded by rails. Because of the need for a ladder and the height of the bed, the top bunk of a bunk bed is not recommended for children under six years of age. Bunk beds must have continuous guardrails on both sides of bed; the tops of the guardrails must be no less than 5 inches above the top of the mattress. In addition to the CPSC’s standard, there is a voluntary standard — ASTM F 1427-96 — that addresses additional hazards, for example, foundation and guardrail structural integrity. On the other hand, if you can’t get used to the notion of your child sleeping 6 feet off the ground at all, but would still like to provide for it that invaluable experience that comes with having and sleeping in a bunk bed, perhaps one of the low height loft beds is your answer.

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bunk bed side rail height 3Children under five should not have access to heights over 1.5 metres.

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