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The Cabinet commission of India of 1946 had come up with a plan on 16 May 1946 which intended to create a united India with independent muslim and hindu majority provinces. According to the proposals of the Cabinet Mission announced in May, 1946, the country could have a Federal government consisting of the British and the Indian India. Lord Pethick-Lawrence, Secretary of State for India on February 19, 1946, announced in Parliament that a special mission consisting of three Cabinet ministers, in association with the Viceroy, would proceed to India, in order to hold discussions with the Indian leaders.

cabinet commission 1946 2This mission gave the plan to resolve the deadlock which is known as Cabinet Mission Plan. The mission arrived on March 24, 1946. After extensive discussions with Congress and the Muslim League, the Cabinet Mission put forward its own proposals on May 16, 1946. The Cabinet Mission to India was consisted of the Secretary of state Pethick Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps, and the President of the Board of Trade and A. In the absence of any unanimous solution the Cabinet Mission announced its own recommendation on 16th May 1946.

The Quit India Movement of Mahatma Gandhi sounded the death-knell of British Empire in India. All efforts of the British authority for compromise with the Indian Nationalists proved futile. Cabinet Mission. British Cabinet Mission to India. The main aim of the 1946 British Cabinet Mission to India was to discuss and finalize plans for ending the British Raj in India and hand over the country’s leadership to the Indians. The British cabinet appointed a commission in March 1946 to visit India, consult with the major political parties and recommend a constitutional framework for independence.

Cabinet Mission (1946)

HL Deb 16 May 1946 vol 141 cc271-87 271 THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR DOMINION AFFAIRS (VISCOUNT ADDISON) My Lords, I would ask your Lordships’ permission to make a statement on India. On March 15 last just before the despatch of the Cabinet Mission to India, Mr. Attlee, the British Prime Minister, used these words:. Statement of the British Cabinet Mission that visited India in 1946 to propose a plan for India’s independence. Cabinet Mission, Plan Balkan, Mountbatten Plan & Indian Independence Act of 1947. Cabinet Mission (1946). On 15 March, 1946 Lord Atlee (PM of England) made a historic announcement in which the right to self-determination and the framing of a Constitution for India were conceded.

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