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The more one knows about the unique characteristics of wood and its source, the better one can understand the degree of warmth and beauty that it brings to our everyday d cor. This is a list of woods, in particular those most commonly used in the timber and lumber trade. Some wood species have dramatically different grain patterns from plainsawn to quartersawn surfaces. For instance, on their quartersawn surfaces, Lacewood has large lace patterns, Oak has flecks, and Maple has the characteristic butcher block appearance.

cabinet lumber types 2In a home, the softwoods are used primarily as structural lumber such as 2x4s and 2x6s, with some limited decorative applications. Veneered cabinets are more stable than solid lumber in high-humidity areas. Pine is the only softwood species commonly used for cabinetry, and it dents more easily than hardwoods. A comprehensive list of wood for furniture making, and a list of timber suppliers. Although this species is, without doubt, the best available mahogany from any of the exporting countries, we have a genuine obligation to our environment and the world conservation principles to try to use mahogany from other sources where conservation is an important factor.

listed alphabetically by common name and according to type of tree – eg American Cedar is listed under Cedar American. Table of different types of wood timber listed alphabetically. Discover the wood species selection at Osborne Wood Products. Learn how to select the perfect wood species for your next renovation or project! Common Furniture Woods – Being able to identify the type of wood used for your furniture can help you determine its real value. Learn to examine and identify furniture wood.

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There are certain characteristics that are common in all wood types. The test involves pressing a steel ball to gauge how much pressure each wood species takes to push the ball half way into the wood. You can download my free PDF of the Janka chart here. Wood Types. SUSTAINABLE. When you buy furniture from A-America, you are making a responsible decision to maintain a healthier planet. The solid hardwoods and time-tested craftsmanship used to build your furniture ensure premium quality, luxury and durability. Selecting the right type and grade of lumber depends on familiarity with various wood properties and defects. In order to make the right lumber decision for a specific application, there are several basic lumber distinctions that may make selection easier. Woodworking pro, Spike Carlsen, shares his pick for the top ten best woodworking woods, along with the characteristics, best uses and cost for each. Before you go, pick up a FREE copy of our handy guide to wood types. It’s your lumberyard phrase book for all the different types of wood and lumber grades.

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The Wood Utilization Service is the oldest public service and demonstration effort of the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Several examples of recent services provided include assisting with wood shrinkage and moisture issues in furniture production, IPPC ISPM compliant international shipping, storage of kiln-dried lumber, wood identification, improving production processes and yields, preservative treatments and wood performance, wood deterioration, best kiln drying of maple, oak, pine and other species, and use of locally manufactured lumber. Schacht Millworks has a wide selection of wood species to choose from. Please refer to the list below for wood species information, and click on the wood grain photos for larger images of each wood type. Wood Types. Click on wood type name or image to view finishes available in a specific species. Specialty Materials. Cherry Select Poplar Red Oak.