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On 22nd January 1946, the decision to send Cabinet Mission was taken and on 19th February 1946, the British PM C.R Attlee Government announced in the House of Lords about the mission and the plan to quit India. Cabinet Mission, Plan Balkan, Mountbatten Plan & Indian Independence Act of 1947. Cabinet Mission (1946). On 15 March, 1946 Lord Atlee (PM of England) made a historic announcement in which the right to self-determination and the framing of a Constitution for India were conceded. Books Prelims 2016 – Hindi. This Plan, the third within twelve months (Cabinet Mission Plan. of June, 1946; Attlee Declaration of February, 1947; Mountbatten Plan of June, 1947), has received the assent of the leadership of the major political organisations in India and in Britain.

cabinet mission 1946 in hindi 2In 1946, he sent a Cabinet Mission to India that put forward a plan for Hindus and Muslims to work together. Jinnah called for Direct Action on 16 August 1946 to protest against Congress and the British. News in Hindi. Designers Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra, known for their drapes and ability to put subtle India on contemporary fashion, got a standing ovation from fashionistas here for presenting their collection titled ‘The Cabinet Mission 1946. Cabinet mission of 1946 to india aimed to transfer power from british raj to india leadership along with independence. Proposal of Cripps Mission in May,1946:It was promulgated in May 16,1946,it recommended to create united dominion of India as a loose confederation of provinces.

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Purpose Of The Cabinet Mission Plan