Can I Paint My Cabinets With Chalk Paint Sample Plans PDF

You can roll the paint on but I felt like brushing it on gave me a better result. You may find it useful to have brushes in a variety of sizes depending on the angle you’re painting. My kitchen is now light and refreshing and a very cheerful place to be. And I love it! And I can’t believe how much easier it was to use Chalk Paint vs traditional latex paint for my cabinets. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything you need to know on how to paint kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. The pros and cons of chalk paint and latex paint when painting kitchen cabinets. I will write a full post on what I did to get a perfect finish on my cabinets, but for now I’ll just share a photo of how they are turning out (not done with all of them yet!).

can i paint my cabinets with chalk paint 2So, first I will share all of the step by step instructions and then at the end give you my honest opinion about our cabinets and if I would do it again. I really just can’t capture how fabulous these cabinets look in person. The pictures make them look all gray, but everybody who has seen them so far has commented on the light touch of blue. Remove the hinges on the cabinets so you can easily paint the doors. Tip: Store hinges and screws in a Ziploc bag or Tupperware.

I don’t want my piece to be primitive or distressed- so I guess Chalk Paint is not for me. If you have brush strokes in your paint and you do not like the look them for your next project- try using a kitchen cabinet sponge roller. Q. Are Chalk Paint and Soft Wax good choices for kitchen and bathroom cabinets? Q. Can I paint my furniture from IKEA with Chalk Paint? Q. I accidently left the lid off my can of Chalk Paint and now there is a skin over the paint. My favorite thing about using chalk (or chalk like paint) is that I can start and finish a project in a day. I lose interest in anything that takes too long to complete!. I’m contemplating doing my kitchen cabinets, so I did a trial coat on one door. It buffed up nicely with a piece of old t-shirt(I will probably use a shoe-polish brush if I repaint).

Step By Step Kitchen Cabinet Painting With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Before I started painting (the second time) I decided to try to get some of the wood grain out of my cabinets using wood filler. Even though chalk paint claims it can stick to almost any surface without sanding, including laminate, it doesn’t always come easily. It is meant to look slightly aged and used and to give you the feeling that, if your cabinet or furniture could talk, it would have a few good ol’ tales to tell. I love the countless looks you can get from using simple milk paint and chalk paint. I was planning on doing chalk paint on my kitchen cabinets (which are only 5 years old, but stained a very dark color, which makes my kitchen very dark). You can see in the below photo the difference in how my cabinets before and after painting the primitive color. I am dying to paint my cabinets with chalk paint however they are not oak more of a particle board stock home depot kitchen cabinets do you think using the chalk paint will work. When I painted my kitchen cabinets years ago, I didn’t even know about chalk paint. If I did I probably would have used it to paint the cabinets.

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