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Matt putting the bookcases together in the middle of our living area with Baby L looking on. So while Matt was in Ikea, he picked up some doors from one of their wardrobes to use as cabinet doors on our bookcases. You can see the bare fireplace sitting on top his work table. HEMNES Bookcase – white stain – IKEA (add cabinet doors to bottom part, 2 next to each other for fake built ins). We used scrap wood again to make a base for each shelf, and also for the tops of the shelves this time (since we had already used the two tops that came with the shelves). You can see how I styled my finished built-in bookcases here. I actually have a lot of Hemnes wood shelves plus the cabinet doors leftover from this project that I plan to use in a different project.

murphy wall bed costco 2Does anyone know where I can find something similar? You buy the bookcase and then you can add on the doors separately. I also just bought a HEMNES bookcase that can be attached above a HEMNES cabinet on the bottom. Hacker help: How to stablize Hemnes shelves? Materials: Hemnes bookshelves, tv unit and glass door cabinetDescription: We were looking for a built in in our basement family. We figured we could build some shelves from scratch ourselves, but I really wanted drawers along the bottom of the bookcases.

Q: I bought this IKEA Hemnes cabinet with glass doors two years ago and, its dark color and boxy shape have lost their appeal. This helps keep the blog up and running so we can make even more stuff!. If you liked the plan we covered yesterday, which can be found here, this will so nicely compliment it and add something special to a very simple bookcase.

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2) can you cut the width of the open shelving to be less wide? Would anyone know how, or have ideas of how I can hack it and add doors by chance? Their Billy bookcase line has doors that you can add on, and they hold up really well (we’ve had ours for 4 moves already). I like the Ikea Hemnes line too and was thinking of some of their bookcases. Below you can see the top half of the first of my four new Hemnes Bookcases from IKEA. We just put Ikea billy bookcases in our basement to look like built-ins. You can definitely sit on the bench. Did you connect the Hemnes TV Stand and Bridge to the book case? We special ordered the doors from Home Depot. Just follow the instructions in how to assemble Hemnes bookcases. Among all IKEA bookcases in the market today, Hemnes has the simple but attractive design to add value as storage furniture. (Also available: units with drawers on the bottom instead of shelves, and glass-door cabinets. Though I check out most of our books from the library, it does add to the fun of buying books when I decide to splurge. I like what you put together!

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Especially if you are adding doors. Over time the particle board and connectors will loosen up and get wobbly, especially under the weight of all the books. You can build a true floor to ceiling shelf, corner pieces, built in desk. You get the picture, it’s 100 up to you. I don’t have the Billy bookshelves, but I have Ikea’s Hemnes shelves. I purposely got these because it is one of Ikea’s only solid wood (albeit only pine) line. I cut a hole in the back of the bookcase to make room for the power strip and to turn the lights on and off, all we do is flip the switch! It’s hidden behind one of the decorative boxes so it’s an easy flip each night, and a power strip is ten million times cheaper than hardwiring sconces to a wall. To finish it off, I added some antique brass pulls to the doors to complement the picture lights. Do you like the Billy bookcases over the Hemnes bookcases or is it just the width difference? HEMNES, bookcase, white varnish. Only at IKEA StoresAdd to Favorites. You can choose to install the door to the right or left, according to what fits the space best. Fresh and elegant, white bookshelves make an ideal addition to modern, feminine spaces that call for an atmosphere of airiness and subtle furnishing. If you are looking for a white bookshelf with doors, I’ve collected some really beautiful pieces, including loads of styling inspirations, in the gallery below. IKea Hemnes dressed with wallpaper, glass doors. DIY Furniture Plan from This corner cupboard can turn an empty corner into a storage and display spot.

Other than the back, Hemnes bookshelves are all solid pine. You will need: Billy Bookcases Morliden Glass Doors Artwork. Do they look seamless or can you tell they are add-ons? The shelves are adjustable so you can customise your storage as needed. An Easy Ikea Hack: Bookcase To Wood-Wrapped Changing Table Young House Love. We leaned the bike art up to see if that helped, which it did, but we still felt like something needed to be done to make the Expedit a little more upgraded and not as blendy with the wall, rug, and doors. You can see how I just put them on either end in this shot, since that middle slice will never be seen. We set up our daughter’s changing pad on top of our IKEA Hemnes 3-drawer dresser.