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In our case, I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets white, but who knew there were about 100 million shades of white? After taking a few samples home, I decided on Benjamin Moore’s White Dove (not to be confused with Dove White). Brenda- You can lacquer cabinets, but I have never done it. I love to paint furniture or cabinets that are MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with just a vinyl skin that looks like wood. You will have an great looking piece or cabinets for very little money. I think the bases are probably wood, but the doors are definitely laminate (that plasticy material). You can see I only painted to the edge of the lip inside the cabinets and the same with the drawers and kept the insides white. Well aren’t you just a wealth of information!

can you paint cabinets that aren't wood 2Avoid these blunders to end up with cabinets you can’t wait to show off:. Painted cabinets look lovely, but they aren’t going to look totally smooth. Even if it wasn’t super obvious when the wood was just stained, it’s going to be more evident once the paint dries. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a process that requires patience, and you’ll have to be prepared to deal with a bit of chaos and disorder for a few weeks before all of the pieces can be put back together. In this kitchen, we have an abundance of almond appliances that aren’t quite ready to kick the bucket, and almond isn’t my favorite finish for appliances, but miraculously, by painting the cabinets a similar light sand color, they suddenly seem to fit in perfectly. I was painting over solid wood, but if you’re painting over laminate consider the tips I gave in this post, where I refinished a laminated tabletop. I went duo-toned in my kitchen (can’t wait to show you, but get a sneak peek right here). They are very plain, look like wood, but actually aren’t. I am interested in painting the cupboards as well as the wood boarder around the counters. Does anyone have experience with this? I had a ‘professional’ painter do the cabinets in a rental of mine.

So, you may be asking..but, Virginia, my cabinets aren’t painted. They’re just wood. How does this help me? Well, because after painting countless pieces of old furniture, I can promise you that the process is very similar whether you are painting over old paint or old wood. Here’s how to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro, step by step. Learn to paint your wood, metal or laminate kitchen cabinets like a pro! That’s great when they’re in good shape; but if they aren’t as beautiful as they could be, we’ll show you how to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro. There have spills, paint, stain and everything else you can think of and they have cleaned right up. The painted cabinets were done 12 years ago and there aren’t any chips or real worn spots anywhere! They have held up unbelievably great.

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can you paint cabinets that aren't wood 3Cabinets take up a large amount of visual space especially in small kitchens, and if you’re even considering painting them then you probably aren’t digging the look of stained wood to begin with. Another great perk is that either oil or latex paint can be used over it, and it can be used over most surfaces (including laminate) without sanding. Detailed Tutorial on Painting Orange Oak Cabinets- We could use this! We are going to be painting our cabinets this year (though the doors aren’t oak so we won’t need to minimize the grain) but your tips on the paint and sprayer are super helpful. How to Get the Antique White Distressed Look on Cabinets. Start with a base of white latex paint if your cabinets aren’t already white. A standard primer is ideal for solid wood cabinets, while a primer meant for high-shine surfaces is essential when refinishing veneer cabinets. Clean the cabinets of grease and other kitchen contaminates; if they aren’t properly cleaned, you will not be able to apply the paint properly. You can paint cabinet shelves and the interiors, but do not paint the inside of the doors. Mid-range cabinets have paint grade plywood or solid wood doors with reasonably priced hardware. You are not sanding down to bare wood, just enough to remove any shiny surfaces that still remain after cleaning. I can’t understand why my door fronts aren’t smooth like yours. Even if the doors on solid color cabinets are real wood, they are likely paint grade, which means they still wouldn’t look good with stain, even if it were feasible to strip them to bare wood. If you refinish them in a solid color, the grain will show right through the paint (lacquer or any other type). If you are going to a solid color, butterfly hinges aren’t so much of an issue, as the screw holes can be filled.

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The look of whitewash cabinets can brighten a room without using paint and allow the wood’s natural grain to show through. If you aren’t sure how many coats are on the cabinet, start by using the furniture re-finisher. We bought a 1968 Ranch with the original dark wood cabinets. We’ve been contemplating a new kitchen re-do because the cabinets and counters aren’t that great.old and plastic. Follow these steps to paint laminate cabinets and the finished project will be well worth the time and effort. How to Repair Paint Flaws on Wooden Cabinets.

Latex Paint for Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Series 1. Latex paint comes in a variety of finishes, so you can easily achieve the sheen level you want, simply by selecting that finish. You know, the crappy white cabinets with a grainy wood border? Ick. I figured I could paint out the surround in white and it would probably make the whole place look a lot brighter and more modern. If the laminate coating was torn or missing, I used wood filler to cover the exposed MDF and then sanded the wood filler down until it was smooth. Remember, imperfections will be magnified once you paint, so make sure you don’t have any lumps or lines where your wood filler is. For us anyway, most of the places worth seeing aren’t in RV resorts or big urban campgrounds. If you’re a cabinet painting newbie, the beginner’s guide to painting cabinets will eliminate all of the guess work. Don’t get me wrong; I think cherry wood stained cabinets are beautiful, but why put up with something you feel like isn’t you style?. When I hashed out our hall bathroom design plan (which you can see more about design planning tips for your own home here), the very top priority on my list was getting rid of these reddish wood cabinets. Aren’t they the cutest? How To Paint Your Cabinets Like The Pros, and Get the Grain Out! So here are some of Adel’s secret tips and tricks for achieving that perfectly smooth finish and not showing any grain in the wood:. So many refinishing projects ruin your cabinets, because they rarely turn out exactly like the picture on the paint can (that was done professionally), and the time and money you spend correcting your mistakes aren’t worth the project in the first place.