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The Octopus King’s Crown is a piece of armor that can be obtained by defeating the Octopus King in single combat. It does nothing, other than increasing your confidence. Candy Box 2! Tips on how to beat the Monkey Wizard and Octopus King? I can’t beat the monkey king or the octopus. I have pink gloves, red gloves, silver sword, the lightweight armor and both grimoires. Just can’t seem to do it.

candy box 2 octopus king 2Candy Box 2: Octopus king crown with obsidian: to summon octopus kings to get between you and the monster. Also, what happens if you encrust the Octopus King’s crown in obsidian instead of jaspers? Japsers is pretty great, incidentally. I’m doing Candy Box 2, Dark Room, Clicking Bad, and Cookie Clicker. Candy Box 2: It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack.. aniwey’s smash-hit original webtoy/wonder machine gets a sequel with even more content to discover. Aniwey’s smash-hit original webtoy/wonder machine gets a sequel with even more content to discover. What does enchanting the octopus king’s crown with jaspers do? or with obsidian? please reply, thanks in advance!:).

A new Menu will pop up with the option THE CANDY BOX, which is the screen you are on now. You should easily overpower the Octopus King with 2 potions, but 3 might be needed. Check out this Candy Box 2 walkthrough for all the details on besting this cool text-based experience!. I like to equip the Octopus King Crown with Jaspers and let the fireballs chew away at his HP over time, preferably while using Teleport and the Boots of Introspection (see the X Potion, listed in the Brewing section below). Candy Box 2 is even more addicting than the first one!;( Anyway, it’s fun! Mich, you need to defeat the octopus king first. Then wear the unenchanted version while fighting yourself and you’ll win with 1 HP in the end due to self confidence.

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How to kill Developer – Candy Box 2. How to kill Developer Max health: 1560 Equipment: Randomly cast powerful fireballs around you (Octopus King crown with jaspers). I just used the red gloves+fireball spam to kill the octopus king. The monkey comes easily after you enchant the octopus king’s crown. Upgrading your health will probably help, too. 2 years ago. Candy box 2 is fucking awesome. The monkey wizard staff (enchanted), The Octopus King crown with obsidian can be helpful in the forest. Play and Listen this tutorial shows how to defeat the teapot in candy box 2 i was using a scythe the octopus king crown with jaspers and red enchanted gloves boosted by Candy Box 2 – Teapot Mp3. Candy Box 2. I can’t beat neither the monkey king or the octopus because they both kick my ass. Can’t help you with those 2 items, don’t have them either. Candybox 2 Current Progress. Octopus King Crown Enchant Last active Dec 27, 2015.

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When will I touch Candy Box 2? Candy Box 2: There’s an actual candy box. In the caves there is a monster called the Octopus king. In Candy Box 2, I do what I want. I slay the Octopus King. I jump over all the camels. It fulfills the silly action rpg archetype, like a Progress Quest I can actively participate in. Candy Box 2 and the beauty of the smart stupid game. You fight camels and octopus monarchs and the developer himself. Box 2 was developed by a Frenchman, but its sensibilities recall Japanese masterpieces like Little King’s Story and Jet Set Radio in that it is self-assuredly and willfully weird without feeling the need to impress its bizarreness upon the gamer. Another way to get them is to use The Octopus King Crown with Obsidian and summon Octopus Kings until you can jump up and reach them (If you do not have the Pogo Stick and the Desert Feather, this strategy will not work.