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Please note that these are for Candy Box. They apparently won’t work in Candy Box 2. However, it is still possible to ‘cheat’ in Candy Box 2. For simplicity, cheats for Candy Box 2 are kept at Cheats/Candy Box 2 to avoid confusion between the two games and their methods. By tweaking the text given from the Get the current game as text box of the save tab of Candy Box 2, the player can cheat. Cheats will allow you to modify your game experience, at the cost of a genuine playthrough. They work by changing the javascript values of the game while it is running in the browser.

candy box cheats 2Oh yeah, I was all about the cheats, although mine was basically just rolling on candies.setNbrOwned(10000); just to fast-forward that process without cheating TOO much. Candybox 2 allow you to export and import your game as text. Thus, allowing you to modify whatever you wish by reimporting a modified saved game. I _really_ love candies. I also would like to be able to afford everything in the game and eat as much candies as possible to increase my hitpoints/health.

I’ve been searching everywhere for a cheat to get infinite candies, I find that candy box kind of rips me off! So is it possible to get infinite candies?. You can easily get as many candies as you want by editing your savegame. I found a possible side effect. If you eat a ridiculous amount of candies, your hitpoints will get so high, that. So I finished the game and got the computer. I started adding candies and lollies and so on, and I had Infinity candies and lollies.

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I ate too much candy, and increased my max health too much that I now find it very difficult to defeat myself. You can reset your effective health points by resetting the amount of candies you’ve eaten. I need help to get more berserk potions, but I cant seem to get the script to work in the development console. In the development console, type the following two lines: potions. According to the Candy Box 2 wiki, you can only get 13 chocolate bars total:. Candy Box! is an online game about candies and lollipops, and the acquisition thereof. How do I enter cheats using the Javascript / Developer console? How do I change the candy per second rate in the JavaScript console?. Cheats candy-box. How can I beat Hell in the hard mode of Candy Box? Candy box cheat engine Join the Club to get or posts Pet Rescue Saga cheats, tips, guides bonuses. You can also join our Forum to discuss anything about Pet Rescue Saga.

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Candy Box for Web Games Cheats – IGN has all the codes, cheat codes, unlockables, easter eggs, achievements, hints, tips and secrets. Newest Candy Box 2 2016 cheats for PC or Mac to get unlimited candies & unlock all weapons & items! No surveys or offers to fill out. Get the hack for free. You have 20 candies. Eat all the candies Throw 10 candies on the ground. Version 1.2, FAQ, IRC, blog, wiki. Candy Box is an ASCII-based web RPG. Collect candy, farm lollipops go on epic quests, and win!. AM on May 3, 2013. Ultra extreme game ruining cheating console spoiler alert.

Candy box! is a free online game. The premise is simple: You have a handful of candies, and you gain one additional piece of candy every second. You have. Download Candy Box 2 Cheats, Tips cheat 2016. Download hack for Candy Box 2 Cheats, Tips. Download crack for Candy Box 2 Cheats, Tips. Answer from: Nay-chan. There is what I did: 1. Name the boxes 1-8 From left to right, top to bottom 2. Put the same amount of candies as the number on the box. Candy Box 2 Hack for Candies Cheat 2016 tool download. With updated Candy Box 2 Hack for Candies you will have just fun. Try Candy Box 2 Hack for Candies tool.