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I saved and bookmarked my game, yet when I open the bookmark, it starts a new game. It works fine for me. I’m guessing you’ve got the password wrong – at a guess, you probably chopped a character off the end without realizing it. I closed my candy box tab and when i opened the game again it was at the start again! how can I stop this from happening, i am using chrome on mac. Candy Box is a role-playing browser video game featuring ASCII art. It was developed by indie game developer aniwey. Candy Box 2: 2CandyBox 2 Won’t Load?

candy box load 2Note: Has to be reentered every time, after loading a saved game. farm. IS there a link you gotta access to load old saves or? Candy Box!: aniwey’s Candy Box may seem simple, but this unexpectedly delightful webtoy packs way more surprises than you’d ever think. All you seem to have is a simple counter of candies that slowly accumulates with each second, and the option to gobble them all up, or throw them on the ground.

Candy Box II hacked. On Scratch by sushiecat124. Cancel. Sorry, comment posting has been turned off for this project. Comments loading. Havannah chest or box 0 H Do. large – – – load 0 4 Do. Candy Box 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the bizarre ASCII RPG created by aniwey programmer, was finally launched.


It won’t load for me at all; can’t decide if I am relieved or outraged. I’m doing Candy Box 2, Dark Room, Clicking Bad, and Cookie Clicker. Candy Box is a Role Play Game by original image, it looks very ancient. Maybe you can think of the earliest game in the DOS or WIN32 when you played it. Candy box! is a free online game. The premise is simple: You have a handful of candies, and you gain one additional piece of candy every second. Wide Load.

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