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Compact Size Box Plans The Compact Box Recommendation is for when a DD user has limited space, due to physical dimension limitations. Remember, these drawings are just designs to base your enclosure on. These will work in 95 of even small sedan trunks. 10 Box (Non-ESP Subs). 12 Box. A step-by-step guide to building a speaker cabinet or subwoofer box for your Kicker speakers. One efficient way to get the customer the most performance is to measure that part of the car that he is willing to give up. Decware High Performance Sub-woofer Box Designs for Car Audio.

car subwoofer box plans 2Courtesy of MOE LESTER on Car Audio Forum – Most people don’t build a box with the actual subwoofer in mind unless you are a serious installer, and if that is you then you don’t need to be looking at these plans anyway. And who wants their subs to fall on their face when trying to pump out a 30hz note? Not me. Because of this, I tune my standard box designs at 33hz and use a generous amount of port area to beef up the low-end response. Car Audio Subwoofer Enclosures This page will touch on a few new topics (all of which are covered in detail on upcoming pages). So that you can build an enclosure of the proper size for your vehicle, this page will explain how you calculate the total volume of the enclosure.

This Car Stereo Review article by Wayne Harris describes the process of building a subwoofer enclosure. Building a box for your subwoofer is one of the best ways to put your peronal touch on a car’s audio system. Whether it’s a basic cubic box or a precisely designed kerfed / ported box, making sure your sub gets the appropriate enclousure for your needs can make a world of difference. X or driver Y? 3.03 – Can I use a car audio driver in a home subwoofer?

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Subwoofer Box Design Cars, Horn Subwoofer, Subwoofer Plans, Loaded Subwoofer, Subwoofer Designs. Car Audio, Audio Hifi, 10W6V3 Subwoofer, Audio Concepts, Audio Sections, Audio Introduces. Below are examples of automotive sub woofer enclosure boxes) for many different applications. You should expect good performance from this type of installation, and since there are no enclosures to build or design, installation time and cost are kept to a minimum. Rythmik Audio Subwoofer enclosure plans – free download. If you need more than one sub and space is limited, consider two small subs as well as one large Look for unused spaces which can accommodate a subwoofer Consider a built-in subwoofer (eg. Help with constructing your speaker box properly – using the right parts, bracing, sealing. By using polyfill in a sub box, it will artificially make the box act larger than it is, which will improve the deep bass response. Available in: NOOK Book (eBook). You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to install your own sound system in your car. Not only is it cheaper than shelling. I’ll be honest from the beginning; designing and building a subwoofer needs a little more effort than simply buying a woofer and mounting it in a wooden box.

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Truck subwoofer enclosures put out full, rich deep bass in your car’s audio. The first step in building your own truck subwoofer enclosures is to measure your subwoofer. Sealed subs are generally more compact than ported subs,thus they fit in many vehicles. The trick in building a ported box is to get the right size enclosure and the right size vent. A car owner who builds his or her own subwoofer enclosure from materials purchased off of eBay’s listings can really save some money when it comes to installing a top-of-the-line audio system. For an in depth resource on building subwoofer enclosures, including formulas, diagrams, projects, and addditional resources, highly recommends you visit Brian Steele’s The Subwoofer DIY Page v1.