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Gun boxes to protect a standard rifle, scoped rifle, assault rifle, takedown guns, breakdown guns, musket or muzzleloader during shipping. Rifle and AR15 boxes lined with convoluted (eggshell, eggcrate) foam for storage or transportation of long guns. Ship guns PPost or UPS. Master Carton has 5 boxes, 5 outer sleeves, heavy-duty Carton Sealing Tape and Instructions.

cardboard shipping boxes for guns 2Swing by your local gun store. We give folks long cardboard gun boxes all the time when they phone to ask for one, or stop in and ask. Where can i find one sized for a fixed stock AK? i called dicks and asked if their rifle cases come in a cardboard box but they said they trash those when they get the cases in. Sturdy, corrugated cardboard construction with multi-folded edges for reinforced strength where it matters most. Instructions are included with the shipping box to illustrate safe packing techniques.

Where can I find a box that fits a rifle for shipping? Thanks, Dave. Centerfire Rifles – Semiautomatic or Gas Operated. Rifle Box Heavy duty Tall Shipping Box 8x4x52 from MrBoxOnline.

Good Source For Rifle Shipping Boxes?

cardboard shipping boxes for guns 3CMP uses cardboard boxes with foam and are perfcet for shipping rifles. The Markmanship site has the Traders Board and you can sometime get them free for the shipping. Since joining the ranks of TTAG scribes, however, my gun safe has seen a lot of temporary guests, and I’ve had to learn about one of the biggest costs and headaches in the gun-blogging business: Shipping. They all prohibit you from shipping guns and ammo in the same package (duh), and they all require that shipping boxes be sturdy corrugated cardboard and not marked in any way that shows that there’s a firearm inside. These are plain brown boxes that look almost identical to the metal reinforced edge, blue S&W cardboard boxes. At least in their photos anyway. The real advantage is the supply store advertised them as shipping boxes. To that end, you could buy them in different sizes, some long enough to put in 6 1/2 guns. Shipping a gun across the country can seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before, and, in truth, there are a number of laws, regulations, and shipper requirements that apply to firearms shipment. Packing techniques — We wrap the gun in bubble wrap, and then pack it in a sturdy cardboard box with tightly packed styrofoam peanuts, firmly taped shut. A UPS DRIVER’S SUGGESTIONS FOR SHIPPING FIREARMS, by A. Nony Mouse. The BEST way to protect your handgun is to simply put it in a big box. Hey guys, Got a quick question, where do you get your boxes for shipping rifles? I have exhausted my supply of boxes from rifle purchases.

Where To Get A Box To Ship A Rifle?

If you are shipping a rifle, wrap some extra cardboard around the action to prevent the trigger from punching through the side of the box and getting damaged. Tap butt-ends of corrugated cardboard so the barrel won’t poke thru and the stock doesn’t be creamed. Stand the mummy-wrapped rifle in the box and fill with plastic peanuts. Cut some cardboard and enclose the original box. One piece can be folded three times to enclose the exterior of the box. I buy boxes especially for gun shipping but can make them much cheaper. Gun guys are always shipping stuff around the country — whether it’s a barrel to be chambered, or a scope that needs to go back for warranty repair. Any piece of metal, including a die, will puncture a cardboard box, or destroy a padded envelope.

Yes, they do ship firearms and ammo. It said, ammo must be properly labeled and packed in a secure cardboard, metal, or plastic box. Archive Shipping container for a shotgun General Parker Discussions. I would think it would have to be a heavy duty cardboard box capable of not being easily crushed or damaged.