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carpentry apprentice salary 2In the technical training, apprentices learn carpentry basics, blueprint reading, mathematics, building code requirements, and safety and first-aid practices. The starting pay for apprentices usually is between 30 percent and 50 percent of what fully trained carpenters make. From the first day of your apprenticeship, you are paid a wage and start to earn benefits. You also get regular raises, usually every six months, until you reach the full journeyman scale at the end of the apprenticeship program. Apprentice Wage is Based on Skilled Wage Rate. Wisconsin Chapter 106 provides the legal basis for Wisconsin apprenticeship programs. No apprentice may be paid less that the State Minimum Wage. Carpenter (Construction). ABC.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apprenticeship. What are the rewards of apprenticeship training? What is the rate of pay for carpenters’ apprentices?

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