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Posts about spoon carving written by pfollansbee. Don’t dismiss this as some whacky notion it’s another example of using spoon carving to learn some further-flung techniques applicable to many woodworking tasks. Tim knows wood technology very well, his chair-making is top-notch. Watch Peter Follansbee show Roy Underhill Swedish-style spoon carving on a recent episode of The Woodwright’s Shop. In this 2-day class, the students will learn the proper grips and techniques used to create spoons that are both attractive and useful. Using just a hatchet and two knives and freshly-harvested limbs, we will tackle all aspects of this increasingly popular wood craft.

carving wooden spoons with peter follansbee 2Carving Swedish Spoons with Peter Follansbee. Peter shows us how to make our own darn spoons!. A cross-cutting wood saw seems the most simple of tools, but Air Date 10/31/2015. Carving Wooden Spoons with Peter Follansbee – DVD – Spoon Carving DVDs sold at Highland Woodworking. Fortunately, the process of learning was made easier for me by the recent release of Peter Follansbee’s DVD on how to carve wood spoons.

Jar of Wood sells individually-made, hand-carved and hand-made wooden spoons for the well-supplied kitchen. ACWA will be hosting Peter Follansbee here in Anchorage for two class in April & May 2015. The second class with Peter will be green wood spoon carving. Peter was demonstrating a Swedish spoon carving technique that he had learned from Wille and J gge Sundqvist. The spoons themselves where a huge departure from the wooden spoons that I was familiar with.

Carving Swedish Spoons With Peter Follansbee

By PETER FOLLANSBEE They are lively shapes, coaxed from branches and stems that were picked out of woodpiles, gleaned from tree-prunings, and otherwise collected along the way. When you learn to see the best forms of wooden spoons, you find that they aren’t the dull, uninspiring, straight-grained things at the dollar store. I learned spoon carving from Wille and Jogge Sundqvist, a father-and-son team from northern Sweden. Peter Follansbee began learning traditional woodworking in 1980 when he attended John D. He continued to attend workshops there; studying a number of techniques; timber framing, basketry, spoon and bowl carving, Windsor chairmaking, etc. Last fall, while visiting the Plimoth Plantation with my history students, I mustered up the courage to show one of my spoons to Peter Follansbee. I’m with Max on this, green wood is the way to go for carving spoons. If you check Peter Follansbee’s blog, you’ll see an American joiner who works entirely with green wood and can give you a glimpse into the green woodworking culture here in the States. Glossary of Tools, Chairs & Wood Terms Internship Program Contact Us. I’ve been admiring the work of Peter Follansbee, Robin Wood, Barn the Spoon, and others who thankfully share their beautiful work online, and it’s been a constant source of inspiration.

Jar Of Wood: Hand Carved Spoons

Peter Follansbee 17th Centrury Green woodwork Shrink Boxes Hand Hewing Craftsman Swedish Slojd Carver Green Woodworking in the UK, Great resource for pole lathe, coppice, furniture, etc. Making Wooden Knife Sheaths Handmade Clothing by our dear friend Southern Highlands Craft Guild Freecycle thousands of communities have email based recycling, works great! Grizzly Heart is the latest book by Charlie and Maureen who lived among the brown bears in the Kamchatka Penninsula, a most beautiful and thought provoking site. Peter Follansbee 17th century style woodcarving DVD. Peter makes joined furniture from green wood mostly oak in the 17th century style at Plimoth Plantation Museum in the US. Peter has been involved in the green wood scene from the early days. Alongside this he has always carved spoons, see him showing Roy Underhill how to carve spoons on The Wheelwright’s Shop and be inspired by his blog here. Another source for spoon making ideas is Robin Wood in England. Shop for show 3108 with Peter Follansbee on carving Swedish spoons.

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