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I just made my first Youtube tutorial, it’s on how to rough out a spoon with a hook knife, I believe it requires a high speed internet connection. Notice how in carving the spoons’ back the knife is pushed along by the left hand(bottom) fingers. Notice the thumb under the handle, not on top in the path of the edge; and the angle of the blade to the wood – for a slicing cut. I will show you how to make a wooden spoon out of green applewood. Using only my handmade viking tools. Raw Wood Projects, Mule, Spoons Carving, Spoon Carving Tools, Woodworking Tools, Green Woodworking, Shave Horse, Wooden Spoons.

carving wooden spoons youtube 2Spoon carving full tutorial by lotsofwoods com youtube homemade woodenware part 1 how to carve a wooden spoon spoons of winter carving spoons by hand. By Robin Wood on January 13, 2013 in films, spoon carving, Uncategorized. YouTube video- Paul Sellers on Woodland Spoons with Axe and Knife. Few crafts give this much pleasure and walking out with a stool a chair or a wooden spoon gives memories that last a lifetime simply because this way of working touches all of the senses. We have a follow up video using some of these methods and combining them with some of my own that bring a different dynamic to the sphere of spoon carving.

YouTube video. I couldn’t find anything on YouTube about manufacturing wooden spoons in china mainly just how to carve a wooden spoon. How to Carve a Wooden Spoon With a Few Simple Hand Tools. Posted by Mitch Roberson // Jul 29, 2014. Stone Dahl from Wisconsin carving a spoon from green wood.

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carving wooden spoons youtube 3Check out my Youtube Channel here! You can only carve so many spoons in a day, so it has to be fairly easy to carve, and there has to be a very good supply of it locally, and it has to be functional. After a great deal of scouring the internet for all things spoon carving, I have yet to find a one stop shop for all you might want to know about spoon carving! Here I’m going to give you all the. After a great deal of scouring the internet for all things spoon carving, I have yet to find a one stop shop forall you might want to know about spoon carving!Here I’m going to give you all the information I’ve found after hours and hours of watching youtube videos, and reading from various websites regarding spoon carving!Lets learn a little on the history of wooden spoons!It wasnt until the 1700’s that metal utensils were commonly found in the average home, and you had to be wealthy to afford this. Video embedded Intro: Chainsaw Carve a Bear How-To. DIY: Hand-carved wooden spoons by Fairgoods. Youtube; Twitter; Pinterest; Google+; Tumblr;. I am carving an English eating spoon from Hawthorne wood, and using it to eat my tea! I started using Svante Djarv spoon knives about 10 years ago i think these were either introduced to me by Mike Abbotts books or Ray Mears, i got several bad cuts from them because i didn t know the safe way of using them, cuts from spoon knives can be quite nasty because they cut chunks out rather than nice neat gashes which can close and weld themselves shut like straight knives do. I had seen old photos of twca cam s etc and got masses of information from watching Ion Constantin on YouTube. I made much progress in how i felt the future of my spoon carving needed to be. I have been waiting to buy a spoon blade from Robin Wood, but today I came across this post and your comments about the value of a symmetrical blade, together with the picture of you bracing a long handled knife on the ground. He got the tool from his master when he learned to carve wood, Korntved Ruud explains.

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Of course, where there is curiosity there is YouTube. Where there is YouTube there are voices.