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Several excellent caster materials are available in Douglas Equipment to protect hardwood flooring installations and reduce the risk of scratches and other. Many casters and wheels can destroy a hardwood floor without much problem; as hardwood floors are susceptible to impact, rutting, and cracking. We’ve designed this selection to insure that your floors will look beautiful for years and that your chairs, carts, and other equipment roll easily and smoothly. Hardwood Floor Safe Casters Protect Your Flooring. Hardwood floors require caster wheel types that will not damage the floor, either by marring or marking.

casters for wooden floor 2Hardwood Floor Chair Casters and Furniture casters with soft wheels. Secifically designed for wood floors, tile and other hard floors. In two old homes now I’ve shredded the wood floor under my chair, monster splinters eventually emerging. I haven’t repainted the floor yet, but it appears these casters will do the trick. Or should I just get a floor mat? Obviously I’d rather have the soft casters, if they do the job, but if they don’t it’s not worth it. What should I do?

Furniture casters and chair casters for hardwood or tile floors. Soft gray rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane casters will not harm hard floors. Slipstick castor wheels are ideal for office chairs and reduce marking and scratching on polished floor surfaces, they also glide quietly and smoothly across. 5 Office Chair Caster Soft Wheel Swivel Rubber Wood Floor Furniture Replacement in Business & Industrial, MRO & Industrial Supply, Material Handling eBay.

Hardwood Floor Chair Casters

Soft Wheel Caster Series was developed with one thing in mind – hardwood floors. You need to invest in these casters to save your investment. Find the largest offer in Legs, Levelers, Casters & Floor Protection at, the one stop shop for woodworking industry. Wood Furniture Legs. Carpet / Wood/Planking / Tile/ Ceramic/ Linoleum. If your floor is a hard surface such as hardwood, laminate or tile, you will need soft casters on your chair. Many people prefer to use a chair mat to protect their carpet. With their larger diameter, Thick Carpet or Hard Floor Casters work well in areas with plush, textured, or other high-pile rugs or carpet. Hard Floor or Carpet Casters offer the most versatility, with a soft tread that can be used on wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, or most carpeted floors. These wooden casters are ideal for older restorations or reproductions where a rubber or plastic caster would look out of place. The chair was set on a hardwood floor and sat in by many prospective buyers and the casters were awesome. To prevent this damage, add a buffer between the caster and the floor or distribute the item’s weight over a larger surface area. The felt slides over wood, vinyl and laminate floors without scratching them and won’t damage carpet.

Furniture Casters For Hardwood Floors

Specialty chair casters for carpet and hardwood and other hard surface floors. Easy to use site with caster selection and application information. Purchase online and fast shipping.