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This pet bed, made out of an old trunk, is just purr-fect for the well-traveled cat. TIP: If rivets prove problematic to loosen, try using a flat-head screwdriver tucked underneath the head of the rivet, then try to pop it off. TIP: Consider keeping the suitcase top to create an additional pet bed. This is a simple project that your cat (or other small pet) will enjoy and appreciate! This is a simple project that your cat (or other small pet) will enjoy and appreciate! This Instructable will show you how to create a stylish pet bed from a hard-shelled vintage suitcase. I had to bend and contort the suitcase to loosen up the hinges enough so I could break them off.

cat bed out of old suitcase 2Instructions to make your own Suitcase Pet Bed here. Before you toss that old suitcase, consider how you can repurpose it to meet your furry companion’s needs. Smaller dogs and cats love a cozy bed and a suitcase may become the ideal snooze spot. (Cut off or remove anything you’re concerned about.). Vintage suitcases may not be the best luggage to travel with anymore because they are bulky, heavy and don’t hold a lot but they are good for so many other things.

The ReadyMade bed tutorial uses an old suitcase with a soft, flexible top folded under. I’ve got a suitcase on the floor in my room, the cats claimed it as a bed a loooong time ago- theres always one out of 3 in it! Whatever it was, I spent the better part of Sunday on a pet bed for Brooklyn Limestone’s very own mascot, Big Cat. I started off with this vintage suitcase I bought for 3. 15 off for customers Yellow Upcycled Suitcase turned Pet Bed for Dogs or Cats.

How To: Make A Pet Bed With An Old Suitcase

cat bed out of old suitcase 3This pet bed uses the better half of a junk-store suitcase whose days on the luggage carousel are long gone. Find old suitcases at junk stores, garage sales or in your own attic. Often hinges are riveted in place and can be popped out with a flathead screwdriver. Brooklyn Limestone’s resident mascot, Big Cat, has a new bed, and it’s made out of an old suitcase! If you are familiar with the feline disposition, you know that they love suitcases (especially when you’re trying to pack them). I have been eyeing vintage suitcase pet beds on Pinterest and Etsy for awhile, and lucked out when my mom gave me one of her old suitcases that was the perfect size, and had the right look and feel for the project. Another great thing you can make out of an old suitcase is a chair or ottoman. An old suitcase would make a lovely bed for a cat or a small dog. Kirsten’s Suitcase Pet Bed. Supplies: -Old suitcase -4 feet (wooden doll heads/these work well because the have a flat side, finials, etc) -Gorilla glue or other heavy-duty glue -2 large snaps -Hammer -Drill -Ribbon or strap material -Fabric -Stuffing Optional: two large buttons and upholstery thread and needle. We love a good DIY, and this super cute vintage suitcase cat bed (because what cat doesn’t love sleeping in suitcases?) from Brooklyn Limestone is fairly simple to make and will be sure to please even the most discerning of cats. Check out the step by step instructions here.

Diy: Make A Pet Bed With An Old Suitcase

Cat bed out suitcase. Cat bed out of old suitcase. You can find and browse thousands of house design as well as in-depth architecture picture, photos, and the latest concept house from auto shows across the world at Designhome. Looking for a new use for that old suitcase or table lying around the house? Here is a warm and snuggly cat bed made from your old, worn out or out-grown sweaters. Let’s have a look at 25 ways to recycle and reuse those vintage suitcases below! Create a dog bed out of one of your old, vintage suitcase finds. Keep Your Kitty Cozy in These Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Beds. Dog and cat lovers can treat their pets in style with these stylish, retro pet beds! Made from upcycled vintage luggage, each bed keeps your kitty or little pup comfy, while also adding flair to your room. New Tesla battery could take your home off the grid.

Well, these adorable pet beds are basically just upcycled old suitcases. We lucked out because our suitcase was the perfect size for the pillow we used.