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Installing a true door doesnt look practical- but all the pet gates are too short for cats. Does anyone have a source for a super tall, catproof adjustable door gate? Thanks. Information on the extremely durable retractable baby gate or retractable pet gate, use anywhere including the top or bottom of stairs, indoors, or outdoors. We were trying to find a tall gate that a cat couldn’t jump over or get through that we can just walk through but I don’t know how tall a gate would have to be to deter a cat from jumping over it. Of course, I’ve had cats that can jump high enough to catch the door at the top, so ANY opening in the doorway may be a problem!!.

cat proof door gate 2I close the single door and double pocket doors to my bedroom because it’s become a cat-free zone. I found a few cat gates that were supposed to be tall enough, but they weren’t wide enough. With high-quality dog gates from PetSmart, you can help set boundaries and give him a space all his own. Tall indoor gates keep large dogs contained. Carlson Pet Products Extension Kits for Extra Wide Walk-Thru Pet Gate. 4.6667. The gate’s door swings one way: As I was looking into pet gates, I realized that gates specifically designed for the top of stairs are built so that they only swing one way.

Main problem is that the nursery has an outside door and our cats pee in the doorway in response to the outside feral cats we think. I really have no other advice, it can be a PAIN in the butt to cat proof a house. I am in need of a gate that is both baby proof and cat proof. Get free delivery at – Your Online Pet Gates & Doors Store!

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Our older cat, Tyler, wouldn’t jump a normal baby gate but the kitten is, well, a kitten. Install a screen door, or build one. Think chin cage, with mesh. Free 1-2 day shipping at 49+, great prices & 365-day return policy. Buy Extra Tall Pet Gates For Cats at I have a new rescue cat who keeps wanting to jump out of upstairs windows and although I can keep the doors or windows shut, the bedrooms are getting. We used a tall baby gate rather than closing the door, since his room got stuffy when the door was always shut.. Next question: Need Cat Proof Crib. Shop for dog gates & doors at Target. Find dog gates & doors. Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Pet Gate with Pet Door. Since Carlson is a bit fanatical about pets, they designed and manufactured the best solution in a comprehensive line of gates that feature all-steel construction, lead-free and non-toxic materials, chew-proof durability and the famous, patented pet door.

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Another favorite feature of this pet gate is the small door that is part of the construction. For even more safety, the pet gate is made from lead-free, non toxic all steel construction that is chew proof. Does anyone have recomendations for a baby gate that is cat-proof? Once LO is sleeping in the nursery, I’d like to keep the door open. See more about Pet Door, Pet Corner and Dog Gates. There are many humane ways to deter a cat from scratching a door frame without resorting to drastic and painful measures, such as declawing.

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