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Cement blocks. Industrial chic aggregate of marble, granite, stone and natural fibers cements a sculptural, floating cantilever that reminds us of Wright’s Fallingwater. Maintain coffee table’s honed beauty and natural intonations with car wax or stone floor polish. Shop for cement grey side table at CB2. Read product specifications and order online. Love this table, it is priced great and it’s weight makes it stable. Read more Show Less. Mobius Coffee Table, custom, made of Trueform Concrete.

cb2 element coffee table weight 2 from cb2. There are manufacturers who have invested a lot in technology to come up with light-weight concrete furniture. The 31.5-inch-square Element Coffee Table looks like concrete but is made with an aggregate of marble, granite, stone, and natural fibers protected by a clear nontoxic wax; 349 at CB2. CB2 Element Coffee Table (399). Mattermade Weight Vase (270). Mattermade Os & Oos Eclipse (2400). EK Design Concrete Bowls (223).

We’ve been obsessed with using concrete resurfacer as our new favorite ‘finish’ so I was SO excited to see this table in the CB2 catalog (but not thrilled with the 500 it would cost to buy and get this delivered). COFFEE TABLE – BROWN MARBLE/ANTIQUE GOLD 18 H x 48 W 200 lbs. Diggin’ this cement coffee table element coffee table CB2.

Concrete Coffee Tables: Holding Up To Wear And Tear

cb2 element coffee table weight 3Shop for CB2 Element Coffee Table. On sale for 399.00. Find it at BHG.com Shop. Here is a concrete coffee table I made using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). It is actual concrete – I mixed it according to the GFRC admix recipe which was 30 lbs cement, 30 lbs sand, 9 lbs water,.9 lbs GFRC admix, 2 lbs glass fiber. Is there really a market for half sized coffee tables? )So now I have a problem. You want the weight of the table top on the wood cores but the chrome sleeve gives you the matching element to the base. CB2’s new Summer catalog is here! It’s not yet even May and CB2 is already gearing up for Summer with a brand spankin’ new catalog full of stylish outdoor furniture. CB2 Element Coffee Table. Shop for Clairemont Oval Coffee Table at Crate and Barrel. Love the weight, look and size. CB2 The Land of Nod. Extremely stylish Oval Coffee Table in Ivory Stone & Antique Brass Finish is going to bring vivid accents of sophistication and class into your home. Element Coffee Table by CB2. Rock covers art is awesome. love these for paper weights, door stops, out door picnic weights to keep table cloths in place or to keep napkins from blowing away.

Inspired By Cb2 Element (concrete) Coffee Table

CB2 Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table accent tables: now you see it. Bring the outside indoors with this cement coffee table by CB2.Element Coffee Table, CB2, 600.