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But if your ceiling height is tall enough (and you don’t mind climbing a ladder to get into bed), you can reclaim all that space by lofting your bed. You can purchase a loft bed from a furniture store, like IKEA, or, if you’re especially crafty, you could use one of these DIYs to make your own. This project is intended for open joist or open rafter ceilings. The bed uses a standard twin size bunk bed mattress, which is 75 inches x 38 inches. If you have open rafters, you can mount these braces higher up into the space for an improved appearance. Made using wood and threaded pipe screwed to the ceiling and bed, this crafty furniture has a thrilling and attractive industrial look. Photo credit: BD Photography Two girls go glamping (the glamorous version of camping) when their parents go bunk style with a pair of DIY hanging beds.

ceiling mounted loft bed 2I added a white curtain at the foot of the bed and mounted a projector in my closet ten feet behind it so I could watch movies in bed. How high is your ceiling? Forget that loft rental crap – here’s how to build a loft that literally leaves your ENTIRE floor open. Since I live in a university-owned dorm, I couldn’t screw into the walls or ceiling; Maybe you want to mount lights around the frame (please don’t create a fire hazard). Lift the bed and hook the chain to the ceiling support.

And then a major media company called and asked if I would build this bed and photograph it for them. (8 if you also need bolts for the ceiling mount too) Finishing Supplies as desired Drill with a countersink and drill bits to match the eye bolts and the screw heads Saw if you can’t get Blue or Orange to cut your boards for you. Houzz.com – Hanging Bunk Bed design ideas and photos. I would like to know if anyone ever constructed bunk beds that hang on the wall and fold up when not in use?.

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Houzz.com – Floating Bunk Bed design ideas and photos. I have since run rope lighting along the ceiling over the loft. Redditor designs awesome space-optimizing suspended loft bed. It is then wall-mounted using five lag bolts that are screwed firmly to the frame of the house. An 800 lbs-rated proof coil chain, suspended via an eye-bolt drilled into the ceiling joist and then clamped to one end of the wood skeleton, keeps the bed afloat. Ever since the classic fold-into-the-wall Murphy Beds came into play, designers have tried to find newer, better and more efficient ways to make the most of bedroom spaces through convertible and collapsible bed designs. Instead of folding out from the wall, the Bedup pulls down from the ceiling but still leaves room for objects underneath even when it is in use something most convertible couch-beds and other transforming bed designs cannot manage. DIY 16 Totally Feasible Loft Beds For Normal Ceiling Heights. So what if you don’t live in one of those crazy airy warehouse spaces with impossibly tall ceilings?I needed a bed on the cheap, and since my rented room has no closet I needed a way to hang up my clothes. (We realize that loft beds are usually used in cramped quarters, but give it a shot anyway!). Flip chairs under the bed for extra seating or an extra sleep space. l mounted lights under the bed as well and I covered the X braces with dry erase board.

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Behold the rise of the adult loft bed, with storage and lounging below, sleeping above. We’re especially intrigued by the loft beds with pulley systems, that are raised to the ceiling in the daytime, and lowered to the floor at night. That wall mounted, wooden bar/table has been flipped down against the wall. Ceiling Mounted Bed Canopy I might hang it a foot lower from ceiling. Available in two configurations: Elsie Loft (Loft Bed Only) and Elsie Loft Set (Loft B. 82.75 wide x 59.5 deep x 73.5 high; Minimum ceiling height recommended 8′. Our service also does not mount hutches and shelves to customer’s walls. The plans that follow are configured so that the loft bed takes advantage of two walls perpendicular to one another. The measurements shown are based on a room with an 8 foot ceiling. Figure 4 – Mounting horizontal 2 x 4 lumber on back and side wall for loft bed.