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The most popular MagnaLatch model. The ideal gate latch for most swimming pool gates and child safety areas such as daycare centers. Key lockable. Chain link latches bolt on in minutes assuring safety for children and pets. Latch is made for round post gates and fences such as chain link fences.

chain link fence gate latches pools 2Pool Latch Fence Auto Latch. Pool Gate Latch See Full Selection for Latches SEE PIPE SIZE CHART ON LEFT PICTURE TO CONFIRM SIZE. Click on picture to enlarge. The MagnaLatch Child Safety Gate Latch designed specifically for securing gates around swimming pools, home yards and child care centers. Magna Magnetic gate latches comes in three different styles: Top Pull, Vertical Pull and Side Pull. Please remember that swimming pool gates must be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are functioning properly in order to keep small children out of the swimming pool area. All Fencing and Repair also provides full fence design and installation services on aluminum fences and gates, chain link fences and gates, wood fences and gates, PVC fences and gates, and ornamental fences and gates.

Engaging Magna Latch Pool Fence Gate Latch and child safety pool gate latch More. Opinion Chain Link Fence Gate Latch Lock and chain link fence locks paris. Cheap Pool Vinyl Gate Latches Safety and two way gate latch for vinyl fence. The Top Pull is the ideal latch for swimming pool gates (refer back to Figure 12-11).

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Latch magnetic gate latch for pool Can also be on chain link (round frame) gates when used in Come download our checklist for pool gate safety. Auto Pool Latch 1-3/8 X 2 for Pool Chain Link Fence Gate in Home & Garden, Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living, Garden Structures & Shade eBay. Chainlink Double Driveway Gate Hardware Kit Chain link Fence Drive Bracket Latch. The chain link pool fencing gates can be installed with safety latches to meet BOCA pool codes, whether it be a auto-latch or magna-latch. Both prevent small children from being able to open the gate to reach inside the pool area. Easy to install on all standard gates, even on existing gatesmeets pool codes. Chain link pool fence gates should be positioned on the shallow end of the pool, should open out, should be self closing and self locking, and the gate locks should be placed on the inside of the gate, for 4 and 5 foot tall gates. Self closing devices work in conjunction with these latches to keep the gates closed.

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Top chain link fence gate latches reviews. Pool Latch Fence Auto LatchPool Latch Fence Auto Latch. Pool Gate Latch Black poly-bagged with screws and instructions Fits any standard 1 3/8 or 1 5/8 O. Welcome to The Gate Locks, Latches and Hinges Store. Find swimming pool sign and fencing safety laws and rules for all fifty states. Whatever the legal requirements, the fence and gate should keep unsupervised children out of the pool area, since children are particularly susceptible to drowning in residential pools. If not, the latch must be 54 inches above the ground and five inches from the top of the gate, be located on the pool side of the gate, and not have any opening greater than inch within two feet of the latch. 75 inches in width and the maximum chain link mesh size is a 2.25 inch square. Your gate latches must be at least 54 above grade, out of reach for small children. We built this 4′ high black vinyl chain link fence the day after the pool was installed.