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Would it look silly to have the same color of paint above and below the chair rail? No writing on walls dated. How about if you take a darker tone of the wall color and paint the wainscoting and chair rail the same color. But you should know that this kind of color placement looks a bit dated in 2012. We chose an on-trend neutral for the walls above the chair rail and painted below the chair rail in the same color and finish as the trim. My sister wants to paint her den two tone using a chair rail to divide upper from lower. I think it would be better to do an accent wall if she wants to use two colors. Is chair rail a dated look? Please help, she plans on getting started soon!

chair rail dated 2Chair rails and wainscoting add dimension, depth, and architectural interest to any room, and can be installed solo or in a variety of combinations. To create a showcase room that takes wainscoting chair rail ideas from dated to dramatic, think outside the box. I also have a white chair rail. The chair rail is chintzy and cheesy- and a pathetic excuse for woodwork. My husband doesn’t like the two colors, because he thinks he looks out dated or a cheap way to bring attention to the bottom of the room without the actual woodwork of wainscoting. Today I’m going to show you how to easily update any piece of furniture, fixture or accent with a little bit of chalk paint and some sand paper. This chair rail (and matching socket) is very dated, very blue and very sponged.

Adding a chair rail can add drama and color to any room. We build custom chair rail to match any spcifications. If you’ve got an out-dated chair rail that is no longer stocked, or you’ve seen a photo that you want to match, we can do that! Bid Live on Lot 294 in the Railwayana and Toys Sale Auction from Ryedale Auctioneers. Walking through our custom homes, you’ll notice that wider baseboards, crown molding, and added chair rails add another level of richness to a space. Choose neutral wall colors to make the color pop on a chair rail or baseboard. Ditch Dated Lighting.

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