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Bead board, chair rail, bathroom vanity?? – posted in Do It Yourself: Im finishing a basement bathroom, 7 foot ceilings. Where would you plan the height of breadboard and chair rail? Even in colonial rooms with 10-ft. ceilings, I’ve seen chair rail set at 30 in. Height isn’t the only problem we encounter when we install chair rail. I put my tile chair rail at that height and it looks very natural.

chair rail height bathroom 2Ideas, photos, how-to videos, and step-by-step projects on kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, workspaces, exteriors, landscaping, plumbing, storage, heating and cooling, insulation, doors and windows, decks, and more. Only half the room will have the chair rail, the other half is kitchen cabinets. This will allow you to choose the height that appeals to you most before ever cracking a can of paint. Beautiful Bathroom Chair Rail and Wainscot Doesn’t this picture look great? Chair rails don’t have a specific height requirement. The most common answer I’ve seen over the years is a practical measure up to the chairs you’re using. Chair rail can be placed anywhere from 30 to 36 inches up from the floor. To determine the correct chair rail height, consider two factors: chair height and wall height.

Corrugated metal wall at chair rail height in bath. See more about Corrugated Metal Walls, Corrugated Metal and Metal Walls. Stain Bead board instead of painting it. Set at chair rail height in theogony area & bedroom. See more about Stains, Rustic Bathrooms and Beads. Using The Golden Ratio To Determine Paneling Height. By Tim Layton 1 Comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how high chair rail or wainscot paneling should go. I’ve been running a survey on this monumental question for awhile now and I could use more input!.

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Bathroom Design. Bathroom tile cleaner. Tile Chair Rail Height In Bathroom Images Bathroom Chair. Astro Lighting Luga Light Luga Bathroom Wall Light Bathroom Wall Lights. Handy!), letting your chair determine the height of your chair rail on your wall is akin to trying to change your foot in order to fit a specific size of shoe ie. The common shape for bathroom vanity mirrors is round or rectilinear, but you can customize yours in almost any shape you want. Adding an accent band of decorative tile at standard chair-rail height can often get in the way of plumbing controls, however, so elevate your band up to about 60 inches above the floor. Howdy, Is there a generally accepted height for bead board paneling with a chair rail cap? It was used in bathrooms and kitchens as a functional surface to take water and abuse versus the plaster. I have read that, if possible, the chair rail should be at the same level as the window sill but I am thinking it might be better a. Chair rail or tile cap in bathroom? In a bathroom, the taller the beadboard, the better it will protect against moisture and splashes, especially near a sink.

Corrugated Metal Wall At Chair Rail Height In Bath

Chair railing is thought of as a historic house touch. But in the last few years, chair rail, along with other types of trim such as wainscot, tall baseboards, and crown molding, have surged back into homes as a design element. A modern bathroom – fStop Images – Ludger Paffrath/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images.