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Height isn’t the only problem we encounter when we install chair rail. If i make the wall frames the same height on both sides then the top of the frame will be underneath the banister. If i bring the chair rail to the top of the stairs and wrap it around the corner it comes up way to low on the the upstairs hall. And the staircase angle that drove us insane. We decided to keep the height of this chair rail consistent with the other areas, which was 33.5 inches from the floor to the bottom of the rail.

chair rail height staircase 2I am installing the chair rail on all of the walls including next to the stairs and up the stairs. For the chair rail going up the staircase, I would suggest measuring from the outer edge of a stair tread up the same height as the height from the floor to the chair rail in the basement area. To beef up the chair rail, we first added a four inch base piece. We chose this height to match the height of the railings for our stairway. Q: I’d really like to add paneled wainscoting alongside my stair, but how do I figure out the angles at which to cut the panels? Michael Bogdanow, Alexandria, VA.

Determine the height of your chair rail. You can place a chalk line or strip of masking tape on the wall to help visualize the height while you decide. I’m not sure what the correct height for the chair rail would be, though. How do you determine the height of all the pillars on a stair railing? A. Chair rail molding is a traditional form of wainscoting that is usually applied in rooms. As the name suggests, it was originally used to prevent chairs from touching the wall when they were pushed back, but in modern times they are mainly used for decoration.

Installing Chair Rail Up Against A Staircase

Finding the angle for the stairs was easy enough and putting up the wainscoating went pretty quick. The problem came with the chair rail. Chair rails don’t have a specific height requirement. I am a big fan of all of these wall finishes, I have used a few in my house, this has changed my staircase so drastically. The luan strips were used to lay out the stair wall as well. Below George is marking the chair rail height. These angles are too tight for a regular miter saw. Stair Makeover Determine height of chair rail. What are the options to designing the chair rail transition from the stairway to the landing if I plan to maintain the same size style height in both areas?. Buy Chair Rails & wood moulding in stock from our selection of hardwood moulding available at our St.

How To Install A Chair Rail: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Browse Staircase with Standard height design ideas and pictures. View project estimates, follow designers, and gain inspiration on your next home improvement project. The above picture is the wall to the right of the staircase, but still the same wall. I LOVE the lanterns and the height of your molding. Ok, we have a wrap around staircase that we are redoing. Carrara White Marble Chair Rail Trim Molding 2×12 Polished Carrera. How tall is yours and do you like the height (with regular height walls, 8′).

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