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If you have vaulted ceilings that are 8′ on the low sides and taller on the vault sides then you might want to go a little higher. Even in colonial rooms with 10-ft. ceilings, I’ve seen chair rail set at 30 in. In fact, in rooms with 9-ft. to 10-ft. ceilings, this height is actually most appropriate for chair rail, and best falls within the rules of classical architecture (see photo, right). A narrow chair rail may appear thin and indistinguishable in a room with vaulted ceilings. Wide chair rails can overpower rooms with standard ceiling heights.

chair rail height vaulted ceiling 2Now imagine that the chair rail was at the height of the window bench in the green room. Did know if there is a standard height for chair rail. If chair heights don’t matter, simply divide the height of your ceiling by three, then install the rail at the top of the lower third. In a room with standard 8-foot-high ceiling, this will place the chair rail 32 to 35 inches from the floor; In a 10-foot-tall room (120 inches), this measurement equates to 40 inches.

No dining chair is that short so a chair rail installed at that height is pointless. It was used in the construction of the Pyramids, the Parthenon, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Chair rails don’t have a specific height requirement. The most common answer I’ve seen over the years is a practical measure up to the chairs you’re using. Any idea on how those pictures were hung on that vaulted ceiling. I’d love to try something like this in my attic. How To Cut And Install Crown Molding on vaulted ceiling – incredible tutorial!

How To Use Molding To Solve Architectural Challenges

Stunning Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier Overtop Table Area and a Vaulted Ceiling for a Luxurious Look. Where you place your chair rail is dependent not only on the height of your ceiling, but also on other architectural features in the room. For example, if you intend to install a chair rail in the kitchen, you may wish to install the chair rail so the top of the molding lines up with the top of your counter. Tags: chair railing designs, crown moulding ideas for a vaulted ceiling, chair rail molding height, bathroom chair rail height, chair rail molding pictures, pictures of chair rails, crown moulding ideas photos, chair rail height, house molding designs, aluminum chair rail. Option one: Use a chair rail molding about 4 down from the ceiling. As you install the chair rail, make sure it is even with this line. Hi, I’ve got a cathedral? ceiling over my L shaped living room and dining room area so two walls are 9ft. My husband and I were thinking of putting some kind of decorative molding around at the 9ft. ceiling height all around the rooms and painting the ceiling white down to the molding, and painting the walls some sort of color. I’m glad you mentioned the molding size because I kept envisioning something like the chair rail molding I have and I didn’t think that would look right.

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Chair rail moulding is a great way to spruce up a room and protect its walls from wily and dangerous chair backs. In our case we measured 40 up from the floor and used this as the height. I worked construction for 21 years, installing Bank Vault doors and other bank related equipment. P9050 – Luxxus Panel Molding P9050. Panel Moulding Length: 6-1/2 ft. Panel Moulding Height: 1 in. Panel Moulding Projection: 5/8 in. If you have a fifteen foot ceiling and add a chair rail at 36 inches. Frequently rooms with vaulted ceilings do not- how about adding a crown molding instead- at eight feet – like the photo above? The crown molding does not have to be at the highest part of the ceiling- nor does it have to follow the line of the ceiling. Carry it around to the other walls- level at that height. Many classic homes use a chair rail to divide the color scheme in the room. Specify the Top To Ceiling, Width and Floor to Bottom heights of the horizontal section that you would like to apply wallpaper to.

I would love to install both crown molding and chair rail in our daughter-to-be’s room. I don’t think that the height of our ceilings are high enough to make that look good, though. As much as I wanted crown moulding in my home, I’ve got vaulted ceilings in all (um, both) rooms, and they’re pretty high, so I just skipped it.