Chair Rail Or Not Sample Plans PDF

Chair rail is the most misused and abused molding in new houses today. In the classically proportioned room, not only do we relate to the space, but the parts and pieces also speak to and relate to one another, from the crown to the base to the casing to the chair rail and ultimately to us. Handy!), letting your chair determine the height of your chair rail on your wall is akin to trying to change your foot in order to fit a specific size of shoe ie. Not only does a chair rail add interest, it also provides separation to a vast expanse of wall that may otherwise seem overwhelming. Not really. The picture above is after we took down the chair rail and before we painted the walls. You can see we have the trim taped off.

chair rail or not 2Areas where chair rails work best do NOT have a lot of furniture against the walls. A lighter wall color is better below the chair rail if the furniture is dark. I happen to like my chair rails in the range of 28 to 30 inches off the floor. This is high enough to catch a chair’s back, no matter its pitch, but not so tall as to visually swallow up a dining table (typically 29 inches high).

We chose an on-trend neutral for the walls above the chair rail and painted below the chair rail in the same color and finish as the trim. Eeek, can we please not go back to the 90’s feature wall fall-back? I’m not sure if that’s real paneling beneath the chair rail or just picture molding giving the illusion of paneling, but I do love it. Mary Carol lives in a beautiful historic home, so it may be actual paneling. Paint all white below chair rail. Paper on top. Not this paper.

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Would installing crown molding and a chair rail increase the value at all in a house. I am maybe not the norm, since I would install moulding anyway if it werent there and I know how much it costs to trick out a home with moulding. Chair rail can be placed anywhere from 30 to 36 inches up from the floor. Floors are not always level, especially in older homes, so using a level will ensure that your chair rail will look straight. Chair rail moulding is a great way to spruce up a room and protect its walls from wily and dangerous chair backs. This Instructable does not cover painting molding, but you would want to do that before you move on to the next step. Ever noticed a chair rail that just looks off? It may not be following the measurement rules. Read on to find what your ideal height may be. Chair rail wood molding can transform the appearance of your living room, dining room or hallway, and installation goes quickly when you prefinish the wood. Not only can you nail trim faster and easier, but you’ll get better-looking results. I have the exact chair rail but I did not put the base for chair rail on.

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