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In general, use chair instead of chairman or chairwoman, e.g., the chapter chair. I need help with the capitalization of the board of directors. This is a title that wouldn t have a name attached to the front or back of it because it is plural and talking about a group. The word chair would not be capitalized in your first sentence, and Vice President should not have a hyphen. Capitalize all words in titles and headings with the exception of articles (a, an, the), short prepositions (in, on, of), and conjunctions (and, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet). Marie Vanderwinkle, Chairman of the Board of Directors the Chief Executive Officer.

chairman of the board of directors capitalized 2The PSU Foundation Board of Directors chose a new president. The name of a group is capitalized when it is the full name: the Department of Comparative Literature the Board of Directors of Acme Industries. Looking for information about capitalization of job titles? If the job title comes right after the person’s name then it is capitalized, as in: Sarah Smith, Chairman, will attend the meeting. What if there is a number after the person’s title, such as director of facilities three?

Board of TrusteesCapitalize only when it refers to the WMU Board of Trustees. H. Brian Thompson is the Executive Chairman of the Board. H. Brian Thompson is the Founder of GTT and has served as Chairman of our Board of Directors since January 2005 and as our Executive Chairman since October 2006. IPO in the telecom industry with peak market capitalization of 30 billion. Board of Directors Chair Michael Castellana, President & CEO, SEFCU As SEFCU’s President and CEO, Michael Castellana believes the credit union’s.

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chairman of the board of directors capitalized 3Names of departments are capitalized only when using the full formal name, or when the department name is the proper name of a nationality, people, or race. The Board of Trustees will meet. The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as Chairman and CEO Through June 30, 2018., October 2, 2014 The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) Board of Directors announced today that it has extended Robert A. Iger’s contract as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer through June 30, 2018. He has transformed Disney’s culture and empowered its businesses to effectively capitalize on evolving markets and new technologies, making Disney a company that doesn’t merely embrace change, but leads it. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vedanta Biosciences. Chairman of the Board. Mr. Womack has over 40 years of experience in advising and serving as Director of small micro-capitalization public and private companies. For proper capitalization of degrees, see the Capitalization section below. Provost, Chair, Trustee, Board Member and other such titles, see the Capitalization section below. To avoid confusion, you may use faculty members instead. Overview Group Structure Chairman’s Profile Board of Directors List of Directors and Their Roles and Functions Directors’ Biographical Details. Mr Li Ka-shing is the Chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited.


Sponsorship agency Capitalize has created a board of directors, headed by chairman and former government adviser Richard Down. Former deputy chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party James Goodman joins the agency as a non-executive director. Do not capitalize board of trustees, unless it is standing alone in a heading or invitation. In combining board of trustees with a title, refer also to rules for capitalizing titles. The chairman of the board of trustees, Jane Jones. Jeff Sprecher is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICE Futures Europe, our subsidiary. John Worthington, Trafficware’s Chairman of the Board John Worthington has a long tenure of distinguished leadership in the transportation industry, encompassing more than twenty-five years in various executive capacities as well as a long-serving board member of ITS America. Gwirtsman has served as a member of the Firm’s Investment Committee since its inception and as a lead Managing Director, Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors for a number of its portfolio companies. Before working in Australia, Nark was Group President and a key member of the management team that developed Corporate Express over a period of six years from a regional distributor of office products to a publicly traded company with a multi-billion dollar market capitalization.