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With moviegoers mostly staying away from Chappie and Unfinished Business, the first weekend of March wound up being the slowest one so far this year. I rarely discuss box office numbers, because I don’t think a movie should be judged by that, but I can’t ignore a box office flop as big as Chappie since I actually saw it. For me, Chappie was pretty much District 9 but with none of the charm and Blomkamp still didn’t fix any of his mistakes. I was pretty clear in my original post that I was talking about films that were critical failures or box office flops, like Chappie.

chappie box office flop 2‘Chappie’ wins slow weekend at box office; ‘Unfinished Business’ flops. Chappie boasts more of the big ideas and visual panache that director Neill Blomkamp has become known for — and, sadly, more of the narrative shortcomings. ‘Cinderella’ tops US box office with 67.9m opening.

Film flop: Vince Vaughn is shown in a scene with Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco from Unfinished Business that flopped at the box office with estimated weekend earnings of only 4. Thinks and feels: Chappie opened at the top of the box office with a modest. Focus doesn’t look interesting at all and I don’t like Smith ever since he joined up with the clams and pushed his spawn on us. Top 20 box office actuals for the weekend of March 6-8 per Rentrak Theatrical:. You know Unfinished Business is a flop when it’s first weekend is almost equal to The Duff’s THIRD weekend, and The Duff has zero movie stars.

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According to Box Office Mojo, Sony’s entire domestic box office take in all of 2015 was 285 million, or 4 market share. Sony’s Chappie (49 million budget) did 13.3 million at the box office during the opening weekend, and it’s grossed 102 million worldwide. Disqus Explore Log In Sign Up. Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload? Back to Top.

Vince Vaughn Suffers Lowest Box Office Debut With Unfinished Business