Chevy Stepside Wood Bed Dimensions Sample Plans PDF

If making your own bed wood and using new bed strips you should measure your new wear strips for precision cutting measurements. Bed Wood Dimensions. The original bed wood for Chevy & GMC trucks was Southern Yellow Pine. I did new bed wood for my 58 Chevy 1/2 ton back in the early 70’s. 2 if anybody has the measurements for the 73 to 87 short bed stepside.

chevy stepside wood bed dimensions 2I have a 1986 Chevy C10 Stepside with a wood bed flooring. So instead of buying one I was wondering if anyone knows of the dimensions. Allen Jones: I measured the bed wood for my 1950 Chevy. Remember that 1947 to 1951 Chevy pickups have the 9 board set up. Jim Forbes: I looked at the wood/sills from an 8 board 55-59 short stepside bed. Buy Classic Truck Parts Made in Oklahoma City for Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge and Custom Trucks Click Here to See MAR-K Parts.

See Details. 1973-1987 Chevrolet C/K Short Box Stepside – Bed Wood Sets (0) Reviews: Write first review. Description: More Details. Until then, the stepside body style with outside rear fenders was the norm. With smaller horsepower from available engines, the limited hauling capacity in the stepside box was well matched to the existing power plants. Prior to 1941 in GM pickups, the bed wood of choice was oak. The change to yellow pine occurred at this time and it was used until the end of the wood bed floors in 1987. Replacement Standard Bed Wood – These boards are cut from Kiln -dried oak or ash which is very hard, strong and stable. ’54-’79, 1/2 Ton Long Box Stepside, 477, 140lbs. ’67-72 Chevy/GMC Fleetside Steel-to-Wood Floor Conversion.

Wood Bed Dimensions?

We understand how important the quality of bed wood is when you are restoring your truck or getting it ready to show. Sanded, grooved and precision cut for both long- and short-bed Fleetside and Stepside models of 1947-72 Chevy and GMC trucks, bed wood is available in a variety of finishes, including red cedar, poplar, red oak, plus exotics like teak and birdseye maple. Advance Design Bed Wood Specifications. Provided by Jeff Nelson. From 1947 to early 1951, there were 9 boards making up the bed. See more about Chevy Trucks, Truck Bed and Beds. 47-72 Chevy truck Bed Wood Info More. 1959 CHEVY STEPSIDE PICKUP HOT ROD CUSTOM. eBay. LMC Truck offers 1967-72 Chevy Pickup Truck1967-72 GMC Pickup Truck Stepside Bed Wood Kits. Can you have all three? I think so. Part of the charm of these old trucks is the wood bed. So let’s build one, on the cheap. Pine and oak bed wood kits are 250 to 400 bucks, so we’re gunna cut it ourself.

Install A New Set Of Show Quality Bed Wood From Bedwood For In Your Pickup Truck

I see how much the pre-made wood bed kits are and I am seriously considering making my own wood bed strips. 1965 Chevy C10. Just make sure your dimensions and the cuts for the metal strips are and mounting holes for the outside planks are correct. BedWood Wood Kit for 1951 2nd Series – 1953 Chevy 3100 SWB Stepside Pickup made by Bed Wood & Parts, for as low as 549.99. Chevy Truck Stepside Chevrolet C K Wikipedia Chevy Truck. I replaced the bed wood and metal strips in my ’64 chevy fleetside and it took me a total of 10 hours, including waterproofing the wood and painting the new strips and bolts. 66 C-10 Stepside.

I am looking for the 64 short stepside measurements in particular. I don’t know how the 55 Chevy bed floor is assembled, but from other beds I have refloored, you may have to remove a piece of sheet metal from the tailgate end to fit the boards under a lip on the headboard and the sheet metal you remove will serve as a lip over the wood on the tail gate end. No finish will look good on bed wood after a couple of years even if you park inside all the time. Chevy pickup 1955 short bed step side. Does any body have the dimensions for the bed wood for 1959 chevy apache short bed stepside pick up please? i am looking at bringing in ready to fit sections from USA but they are not cheap.