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The amount of child support is based on guidelines defined in Florida law. Child support guidelines are standards used to figure out the support needed for a child and the amount a parent has to pay. Semi-Monthly Family Child Support Guidelines Chart Monthly Family Child Support Guidelines Chart Administrative Order 10 and Additional Information. In addition to the child support payment under the Child Support Guidelines, (paying parent) shall pay (other parent) the sum of (amount) per month for expenses for the child(ren) on the (day) of the month commencing (date), calculated as follows:.

child support table 2Child Support Guidelines. Child Support Guidelines are statutory and can be found in 19-A M.R.S. 2001 2012. Child Support Table (PDF) Updated 02/14. The Child Support QuickCalc provides a quick, approximate child support estimate. Important: This Child Support Guidelines Calculator is for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be ordered. The California Guideline Child Support Calculator is based on California Child Support Guidelines and can be used to estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered in your case.

The Child Support Standards Chart is released each year on or before April 1. The income tables are used to determine the annual child support obligation amount pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 567 of the Laws of 1989. Enter the number of children under age 18 in the child support order. For child support purposes, Net Resources total earnings, minus Social Security taxes, income taxes for a single person, and dependent health insurance; calculator not for use if monthly net resources exceed 8,550 per Family Code 154. Read Economic Basis of Updated Child Support Tables for Vermont, a report that reviews current economic data on the cost of raising children and other economic data used to develop the tables that form the basis of the Vermont Child Support Guidelines.

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child support table 3New Child Support Guideline Schedule mandated in the Regular Session of the 2008 Louisiana Legislature. The tables below are broken down by income bracket. The North Dakota Department of Human Services has established child support guidelines to be used by courts in determining the amount a parent should be expected to contribute toward the support of a child. The following basic child support schedule shall be used by all courts and child support enforcement agencies when calculating the amount of child support to be paid pursuant to a child support order, unless the combined gross income of the parents is less than sixty-six hundred dollars or more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars:. The basic formula applies to parents with only one child support assessment. Child support percentage 7 We work out the costs for each child based on the parents’ combined total income using the cost of children table.

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