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Used Firewood Processors for Sale: Chomper, Cord King, CRD, Forest-All, Hahn, Hammerhead, Hakki-Pilke, Multitek, DYNA Products, Wood Beaver, and more. Customer looking to upgrade: – 2010 Chomper 16 – 80 HP John Deere diesel, always run with synthetic. Purrs along at 1700 RPM when processing. Chomper Firewood Processor. Made by Rainer Hydraulics, less than 100 hrs, tight machine, w/ 20′ conveyor (belt) & self contained hydraulic drive.

chomper wood processor craigslist 260HP John Deere engine. Two chain hydraulic powered conveyor. Very good running condition. Can produce up to 2 cords/hour according to owner. Priced to. 2006 year model with only 246 hours. Powered by a 36-hp John Deere diesel engine. 14 maximum log diameter, minimum log length is 6′. One man operation. Rainier Hydraulics Chomper firewood processor enables Connecticut business to boost production. He also learned of a used Chomper that was for sale in a neighboring town, so Paul called and inquired about it.

The patented CHOMPER system is the only fully automatic processor available. Wife finds running Rainier Hydraulics firewood processor is easy. He liked the design of the Chomper firewood processor right away. With a splitter and a maul, he decided to have a go at cutting and splitting firewood for sale. Since then, he has reworked and refined the machine to the point where he now produces several versions of it for sale through his company, Rainier Hydraulics. The Chomper processes firewood from cut logs of any length.

Chomper Firewood Processor For Sale

chomper wood processor craigslist 3Chomper Model 16 automatic firewood processor, 0-2-4-8 way split, one-man operation, 280 hours. Wolverine Firewood Processor model A-14-22 Comments will be appreciated. Firewood Processors Chomper Rainier TimberWest Magazine September/October – Tech Review – Wood Processing Timberline Article Search Results Multitek Inc Bandit Ps Back in 1985, I won a bid to cut and harvest 240 cords of firewood off the state of Mass for 3. For sale chomped firewood processor cuts splits loads Can just cut wood or split bigger wood Cuts up to 16in or 400mm and full tree length trees Fully. Firewood is your Firewood Processor Portal. New and Used Firewood Processors For Sale. Next came the Rainier Hydraulics Chomper 14S firewood processor. CHOMPER – Firewood Processor Harvesting and Logging Equipment and Accessories Firewood Processor USA Oregon.

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