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Installed between (2) 19-inch chassis, for stabilization. Also used to join a 19-inch chassis to the Floor-Mount Box (640019). Contains (2) brackets & (8) screws. NEC CHS2U Joint Bracket Kit for Univerge System Platform. Do you need Rack Equipment? CommGear sells it. Install and service at an additional charge. NEC SV8100 CHS2U Joint Bracket Kit in Business & Industrial, Office, Telecom Systems eBay.

chs2u joint bracket kit 2NEC 670501 CHS2U Joint Bracket Kit 670501 NEW Year Warranty in Business & Industrial, Office, Telecom Systems eBay. When a 2U chassis is installed on top of another 2U chassis, this is used to keep a secure connection between upper chassis and lower chassis. The CHS2U Joint Bracket Kit is also used to secure the CHS LARGE BATT BO. NEC SV8100 Joint Bracket Kit CHS2U JBK Details. Condition NEW. Used to secure more than one chassis, also secures CHS LARGE BATTERY to the CHS BASE UNIT.

NEC CHS2U JOINT BRACK. 250. NEC. CHS2U JOINT BRACKET KIT. 22/05/2012 09:08. 250. PDF. NEC SV8100 CHS2U Joint Bracket Kit. Upper joint bracket set for 2U chassis, used to secure an upper chassis to a lower chassis. Availability: Out of stock.

Nec 670501 Chs2u Joint Bracket Kit 670501 New Year Warranty

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